Friday, February 3, 2012

Top 5 Geek Credentials

I covered my nerd credentials in an earlier, post, but upon having been informed that a "geek" is its own thing by commenter Kevin (who called me out here), I feel I need to bust out my geek creds too.

5: I know what PEBKAC stands for.

4: I know the difference between a virus, a worm, and a trojan. (link to other blog)

3: My hard drive crashed; I ended up purchasing multiple pieces of hardware, tools, and software, and ultimately removed my hard drive, hooked it up to some hardware connected to another computer, and recovered everything salvageable.  I did this with no assistance, other than from Google.

2: I have over 30 different passwords, most consisting of letters, numbers, and characters in random order, for a variety of different computer accounts--not counting passwords I need for work.

1: I have a blog, and I update it daily.

So what's the difference between a geek and a nerd?  I don't know.  For some reason, my dumb brain associates geeks with computers and nerds with comic books.  Everything else sorta sorts itself from there.  So what are a you--a geek?  A nerd?  I know you're not a cool kid, because if you were, you wouldn't be reading this...  We love comments and feedback, so please share below!


  1. Glad I'm not as big of a geek as you...but I do need to brag that #3...did it WITHOUT having to purchase hardware or removing my hard drive.  It's more because I am stubborn than husband (boyfriend at the time) said it couldn't be fixed.  I refused to accept that answer, and by the time he got home from work the next day I had recovered all of my lost files (if something didn't make it, I haven't missed it) AND restored my OS.  He was dumbfounded, and I was beaming with pride!  Alas, I couldn't have done it without Google either. (See I still have plenty of time to leave long winded comments on your blog!)

  2. Hmm, It's a tough one because I love my computer and yes every time my computer have a problem I was the one who fixed it even I have fixed PC's of my friends ..but I also love Comics ..
    So I think I am a Geek with some nerd mixed ...Ha Ha Ha..:)

  3. @7dec9f3cb15d64774c5e6f9f1cab8c71 Excellent work--way to show up the bf (husband)! lol...
    Vimal Dwivedi I am so with you on that--I am certainly part geek and part nerd.  I think it's a nice mix!