Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Star Trek is Better than Star Wars

Space; the final frontier--but whose frontier is better?  That of Star Trek or Star Wars?  I previously examined the top 5 arguments in favor of Star Wars.  In this post, I look at the arguments for Star Trek.

We all know what happens to Carrie Fisher.
5: The ugliest hot green chick is hotter than the most scantily clad slave Leia.

4: Which android would you rather have on your team--one who looks human, has super-human strength, and knows just about everything?  Or a chicken-shit, shiny whiner with a terrible accent who pals around with an electronic trash can?

3: Holodecks; 'nuff said.

"Look how awesome I am."
"F*ck you, Akbar."
"It's a trap!"
2: In Star Trek you have Captains Kirk and Picard; in Star Wars you have Admiral Akbar--an abomination, the result of a human/squid pairing.

Hot brother on sister action!
1: There's less asthma and incest in Star Trek.  (Sorry Star Wars nerds, thank Darth Vader and Luke/Leah.)

So there you go.  You've got my arguments for both sides, but if I had to choose, I'd choose Star Trek over Star Wars.  Honestly, the human stories thrill me more than the traditional hero epic.  I've read too much Joseph Campbell for Star Wars to do it for me.  But man, Solo and Boba Fett are cool, and lightsabers are pretty dope too.


  1. "star Trek is better than Star Wars" really that's what you think ??
    I am sorry to say but it's not it.. I am the big Fan of star Wars series and I think Star wars is Way better than Star Trek................

  2. Star Wars is great, I acknowledge that, I just think Star Trek is better.  The one thing Star Wars had on Star Trek was the special effects were so much better, but with the new Star Trek movie, that advantage is gone.  Both are great though--I can't get down on either one!

  3. As. If.

    Though the Trek reboot was pretty badass.

  4. Yes, yes it was.

    And as someone pointed out on Facebook, the best thing Star Trek has going for it is Star Wars Episodes 1-3.

  5. Sigh. 1 through 3 pretty much kills a lot of debating points.

  6. 5) You can't spell princess leia's name and as for looks we have Natalie Portman.
    4)Freaking R2-D2.  Also, at least Star Wars robots have never gone crazy and tried to kill anyone, Data has done this at least twice.  Also, C3PO can use contractions.
    3) Holodecks have killed people.  Also, our universe is so cool taht we don't need to play indoors we can just go to one of our badass planets.
    2) Captain Han Solo could kick Kirk and Picard's ass.
    1) Vader might have Asthma but he is far scarier than any villian Trek has to offer or do you forget he can kill people with his mind.  Also, I'll give you the incest but at least none of our main characters ever fell in love with a hologram.

  7. 5) Nice catch--fixed, thanks!  And yeah, Natalie Portman.
    4) Data learned to use contractions.  R2-D2 is great, but by-and0large, I'd rather have data on my tam.
    3) The Trek universe is pretty great too...  PLUS they have holodecks.  I'll give you that holodecks have killed people, but every new technology is responsible for some deaths (okay, usually a new tech doesn't become self-aware and actually commit murder, but still).
    2) No question, Solo could.  This is a touch one because it really isn't apples to apples.  If comparing Star Wars and BSG, would you compare Solo with Commander Adama or Starbuck (titles aside)?  I think Solo's more of a pilot than a captain in the traditional sense.
    1) Vader is a bad-ass villain, I just heard the asthma line somewhere  along time ago and thought it was funny.  The incest thing never really bothered me--it was a kiss.  Yeah, the falling in love with a holodeck character happened multiple times in multiple series...  It was lame every time.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.  I hope you also checked out the reasons why Star Wars is better than Star Trek too--I try to be fair!:

  8. Star wars is so much better i mean everyone likes trash bins their good for the inviroment

  9. I guess I can get on bard with that...

  10. Hate to say it, but you're right on most counts. Problem is, I LOVE Ackbar...I love the species of Mon Cal. Even played on in an MMO many years ago. Even though, yes, its a rather odd animorph, its one of the more unique ones, as they are actually ugly.

  11. Never in my life have I met an Admiral Akbar fan. Hilarious.

  12. In the end, I think why I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek is the huge amount of background characters, and how Star Wars strove to make aliens look non-human and ugly, so it carried a more realistic vibe. But yeah, I love the Mon Cal species. I really became a fan during my time playing Star Wars Galaxies. They were ugly, completely different, a challenge to play, and had all sorts of interesting quirks. From a story teller's perspective, it was a true joy to try to make that a good story character.