Friday, February 17, 2012

Top 5 Things That Sucked This Morning

It's one of those mornings...

5: I woke up to crying.  My two-year-old got up at 6:30.  That sucks because it was late enough in the morning for me to not go back to sleep, but earlier than I usually get up.  Now both of us are going to be cranky all day.

4: I thought it was Saturday.  Ever do this?  Things don't seem so bad, then you realize you miscalculated and have to go to work!  Ugh.

3: I ran out of regular coffee and am left with eggnog or spiced pumpkin.  These may do it for you, but there's a reason why the Thanksgiving and Christmas flavors are still kicking around in my house in February.

2: It's raining out, which means the commute to work is going to take a lot longer, since New Yorkers can't seem to figure out how to operate in drizzle.  Oh, and I have no umbrella--it broke last time it rained, and I didn't get a new one since it was winter and I didn't think I'd need one until spring.

1: I forgot to bring the garbage out to the curb last night.  We have garbage pick-up once a week, and our can is so full that we have additional bags in our garage (we had a party--we don't usually generate this much trash).  Now this will all need to wait until next Thursday night, and stink up my place in the meantime.

One more thing that isn't specific to this morning--my wife's side of the family is going on a cruise next week to celebrate a big family event; my side of the family is currently on a cruise celebrating a different family event.  We were invited to join both sides, but had to decline both and have no vacation in sight.  But hey, at least it's Friday and a long weekend.  Things could be worse.

How was your morning?  Good or bad, let us know below.  And happy Friday!


  1. In the house to wake up, that is. And that always sucks.

  2. Oh man... I hope you stopped crying eventually and that Mrs. Kooz goes easy on you about the trash...

  3. Mrs. Kooz is none other than @95154f3e017fad5ccf0d1ef05e61fe00 below...  Yeah, we rhyme.  What of it?

  4. I wanted to bring out the violin but the damn strings broke!

  5. Sounds like a typical work morning for me

  6. I can't say I sympathize too much because that sounds like every day.  I would LOVE to sleep in til 6:30