Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 5 Uses for Phone Booths

It's 2012; we haven't needed a phone booth since last millennium, yet there are still phone booths--why?  Here are a few reasons.

Did you know that Superman's original profession was "male escort"?  Fact!  (Ed.: Not a fact.)
5: Super Hero Changing Room - Now that nobody is using phone booths, Superman never has to worry about  not donning his tights in time to catch the baby that Lex Luthor threw from the top of some Metropolis building.

Photo credit:  If you watch closely, you can see her PIN.
4: Cash Machines (ATMs) - In Britain, there are these cool, red phone boxes.  The locals like the looks of them and rather than let them go the way of the Dodo, they are welcoming entrepreneurs who are repurposing the phone booths to fit ATMs.

3: Car Charging Stations - In Spain, specifically Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville, yet another repurposing may happen.  The government is considering converting 30 phone booths into charging stations for electric cars.

2: Cell Phone Booth - Honestly, most people are still using the phone booths as phone booths, only they aren't paying for the privilege.  Anyone without a bluetooth earpiece knows it's impossible to hear a conversation on a cell phone in Manhattan.  Phone booths are still all over the place--problem solved.

1: Urinals - The most popular use for a phone booth that I've seen (literally--I really have seen this in person) is as a urinal.  To stupid, stinking drunk people, phone booths give the illusion of privacy, so hammered, uninhibited morons have no issue dropping their pants and "making water."  (We all know it's not water.  Gross.)  I'm not going to add a picture, but I will link to one which is borderline NSFW.

So there you have it, reason enough to keep phone booths around.  At least they allow the Doctor to be somewhat inconspicuous...  (Don't worry if you don't get it.)  Can you think of any better uses for old phone booths?  Share below!  And don't forget, the biggest compliment you can pay this blog is sharing it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!


  1. Funny and interesting :) The last one is the best of all..

  2. Don't forget emergency umbrella.  Not very mobile, but does the job!

  3. Nick Very true--see that one all the time, folks just hoping the rain stops.
    Arnab Maity Thanks Arnab!

  4. Lol i often wondered why phone booths were areound still. I was watching Conversations With God and saw one in there. I asked my mate how funny was it to see a phone booth and it was only 25 cents. We laughed so hard.

  5. Thanks for the note @ae74446e125d84a7ed34d71d6ce915ee !  I can actually remember when phone booths were a dime!  (Not that I'm too old.)

  6. Okay, thinking about this and realized I missed the most obvious use for a phone booth--a vehicle or portal for time travel. Dr. Who, Bill & Ted, Harry Potter (I think)...

  7. I always liked how Underdog would use 'em as disposable changing rooms. Remember? Every time he'd use one, it'd blow up into a million pieces! :)