Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 5 Adam Sandler Movies

In the mid-90s, Adam Sandler was the funniest man on the planet to anyone on a college campus.  At some point, he fell off, but his sketch recordings remain some of the funniest bits around.  I can remember seeing his show in college, and sitting near the front row (I got a hook-up)--sheer awesomesauce.  Sandler is also the star in some of the funniest movies I've ever seen.  Before the Will Ferrells, Paul Rudds, and Vince Vaughns of the world were making us pee our pants, Sandler was breaking out of a stale comedy scene to make us belly laugh for the first time in a while.  Here's Sandler's best movies:

5: Grown Ups (2010) - The most recent Sandler movie we're willing to admit exists (at least until That's My Boy premiers later this year, which we have high hopes for--and don't you dare mention Jack and Jill), Grown Ups follows a group of childhood friends, now adults with families, reuniting for a weekend to re-live the glory days.  The movie falls a little flat at times, and some of the jokes are rehashes of old Sandler stand-up bits, but the star-studded comedic cast (Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider (yeah, he's funny in this one), Maya Rudolph, Steve Buscemi, Colin Quinn, Tim Meadows, and Salma Hayek) saves the movie and makes it pretty funny and enjoyable.

4: 50 First Dates (2004) - Sandler falls in love with a very charming Drew Barrymore, but discovers she has short term memory loss, and every morning she wakes up forgetting everything from the day before.  This movie has funny moments, but at heart, it's sweet and likable.  Warning--you will cry at the end.

3: Billy Madison (1995) - Sandler, the son of a rich guy, stands to inherit his father's company and keep it out of the hands of an evil Bradley Whitford.  The catch is, to inherit the company, he needs to pass grades 1 through 12.   The movie is admittedly full of juvenile humor, but it's the funniest juvenile humor you'll ever see.  Just one quote: "'Did you see that guy's balls?' 'Yeah, they were weird looking.'"

2: The Wedding Singer (1998) - Heartwarming story set in the 80s of a wedding singer searching for true love. Full of laughs, 80s spoilers, and 80s music.  Plus, it's got a love story in it and it's technically a chick-flick.  If you and your girlfriend are fighting over what to watch--this is a great compromise--you won't be upset!

1: Happy Gilmore (1996) - One of the funniest movies ever made, Sandler plays an awful-hockey-player-turned-golfer trying to win a competition against golf pro Shooter McGavin, and trying to avenge his trainer's death (which he himself caused).

He has made a lot more than 5 movies--what are your favorites?  What are your expectations for That's My Boy?  Will you admit to seeing Jack and Jill?  If so, what are your thoughts?  Share those comments and more below, and don't forget to like us and share us with your friends!


  1. I find him to be one of the worst actors/comedians ever. He's right up there with Ben Stiller

  2. The Wedding Singer is One if my favorite movies, so I'd put that at 1 and Billy Madison at 2.

    I like that in just about all his movies, even the really goofy ones, there are some sweet moments where he helps out someone. Like a kid that wets his pants or the most unloser-y guy in the bunch.

  3. What about Waterboy or Big Daddy?

  4. You are wrong.  He had a decent run as an actor a decade and a half ago, and he was a brilliant comedian at the time.  His acting chops have gotten better (even if his movie choices haven't), but his comedic sense seems to have fallen off.  Still, for a time he was amazing.  You are, unfortunately, too young to know that.

  5. Agreed, that's part of what makes them great as compared to, say, Wayans movies.

    Wedding Singer is terrific, and might be a better overall movie than either Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison, but I thought Gilmore brought the laughs.

  6. I've heard a lot of responses saying the same thing about Waterboy.  I was never a big fan; I just didn't think it was that funny.  Anyone want to argue this?  What was the funniest moment in the movie?

    As for Big Daddy; I really liked it.  It's in the same tier as 50 First Dates and Grown Ups--not his best, but certainly pretty good.  I wouldn't argue if someone had it as high as #4 in place of one of the other two.

  7.  my opinion = annihilated... lulz

  8. I haven't seen an Adam Sandler movie that I've hated. I even seen Jack and Jill, and parts of that made me chuckle. But, it could be that I was in middle school when Adam was pretty much at his comedic peak.

    I'd have to agree that he's gotten better as an actor, and as such, he's lost a bit of his comedic edge. But, I'll still prefer him to Ferrell, who's last great movie was Anchorman.

    I would move Grown Ups up and replace 50 First Dates with Waterboy.

  9. I agree about Ferrell not doing much (movie-wise) since Anchorman. Hopefully the sequel will be funny. I think overall, Ferrell might have more funny movies than Sandler. I'll have to do that list in the future (keep an eye out for it!). All this Waterboy love makes me want to rewatch it...

  10. As someone who spent many of their prime years in the eighties, "The Wedding Singer" probably has number one locked down forever.

  11. Can't really argue with that--Happy Gilmore is, I think, funnier, but The Wedding Singer is the better movie.