Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top 5 Best Frozen Pizzas

Who doesn't love pizza!  And when you can't order out for a good slice, frozen pizza can be a good substitute--or a bad one.  There are a lot of pizzas that taste like cardboard with melted rubber cheese, but lucky for you, we've sifted through the crap and present you only the best in the frozen pizza world.

5: Red Baron Singles - These get on the list for two reasons.  First, they are microwavable.  Second, they don't taste like they come from the microwave.  That is to say, they taste better than soggy, overly chewy styrofoam on cardboard. that's a win.

4: Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella - The good doctor provides a variety of gourmet pizzas.  They all taste great, but they're on the small side.  They are also a very thin crust pizza--which means they're crispy, not chewy. But the thing to focus on here is that they taste great!

3: Ellio's Pizza - And the cheese goes, "blub, blub, blub."  Tell me you remember that commercial!  Anyway, these are good because they heat up quickly and they taste great.  The bottoms of the crusts crisp up nicely, and the cheese melts well.  They used to have a bit more cheese (or at least it seems that way), but they're still delish.

2: DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza - Without ever trying a bite, I hated DiGiorno on principle for a long time because it compared itself to delivery pizza.  I've since had it, and though it doesn't compare favorably with good delivery, it beats out Dominos and Papa John's, so bravo DiGiorno.  It also comes on top of a cardboard disc, so it's easy to get out of the oven and slice without dirtying a cutting board.

1: Freschetta Naturally Rising Pizza - In some ways, this is better that DiGiorno--most notably, it tastes a bit better.  I think the crust is not as good as DiGiorno, but that's a matter of taste, as my wife prefers Freschetta's crust.  Freschetta just edges out DiGiorno for the top spot on the list, but you can't go wrong with either.

My advice--stock up on as many of these as you can, keep them in your freezer, and enjoy whenever you're feeling lazy.  What do you think?  Have any frozen pizzas that you prefer?  Add your own selections in the comments below, and if you liked the post, please share us with your peeps on Facebook, and "like" us too!


  1. Is agree with your number one, Fresher is awesome, unfortunately they stopped their best style when they got rid of their Sauce Stuffed Crust. Flavor and balance was perfect. I think you're missing the French bread pizza on this list though, which would easily edge out Red Baron.

  2. I love Stouffer's French bread pizza, but my biggest problem with this list is that you used the word delish

  3. where the hell is genos?

  4. Stouffer's is a good French bread pizza, no doubt.  Note sure if it's better than Red Baron though.  Plus, a microwaved Stouffer's gets really tough.  

    As for Genos, I don't know, isn't that the "Pizza Rolls" company?  I guess I didn't think of that.  I should have a disclaimer--no pizza rolls were considered in the determining of this list.

  5. McCains frozen pizzas are pretty good as well. 

  6. Interesting--I thought McCain's was the same company as Freschetta, but a quick 2 minute Google search only created more questions...