Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 5 Best Star Trek: Voyager Characters

I'm re-watching Star trek in reverse order.  I covered the best characters from Enterprise, and now that I've sat through 7 long, boring seasons of Voyager, it's time to struggle through a list if its "best" characters.  Let's be clear--this was not a good sci-fi show.  The various story arcs were pretty bad and un-memorable.  and the finale is one of the worst I've ever seen for a show that was on as long as this was.  There were not 5 good characters, so this is really the top 5 least offensive characters:

"See that shark?  I think I can jump it..."
5: Q (John de Lancie) - The occasional guest player from Star Trek: The Next Generation made several appearances on Voyager.  Unfortunately, the stories were pretty silly and the near-omnipotent Q would probably have visited someone more interesting than the Voyager crew, but t.v. is what it is.  His lines were garbage, but this show was bad enough that a mediocre de Lancie was one of the bright spots.

"I get kicked off the show for someone who wears tighter costumes."
4: Kes (Jennifer Lien) - She was only on the show for about half its run, but she lent a quiet stability to the scenes in which she was featured.  Her naivity and curiosity, plus her burgeoning telepathic ability, made her an interesting character with endless possibilities.  But exploring these possibilities would have required some creativity and talent, and unfortunately, she was squandered by the writers and eventually written off the show in favor of...

"I have the entirety of the Borg collective at my fingertips, but I
can't wear anything other than skin-tight unitards.  Ugh, the future."
3: Seven of Nine (Jerri Ryan) - She's a rehabilitated Borg, which is about as interesting as a Vulcan.  But she's a decent actress who did what she could.with the somewhat stale role.  Too many times her character was taught a life lesson by Captain Janeway, but whatever.  Screw Janeway--she didn't make the list for a reason.

"This is my menacing look.  Grr."
2: Tuvok (Tim Russ) - A Vulcan is a dry character, necessarily, since they suppress their emotions.  Spock was the only one to really pull it off, and he was half human and aired decades ago before the Star Trek canon was firmly entrenched.  Well, Russ does pretty well with Tuvok. He's mechanical in most episodes, but he occasionally gets featured in a story where he has emotions (ooooh), and in these episodes, he's a pretty captivating character.

1: The Doctor (Robert Picardo) - The Emergency Medical Hologram was the highlight of the show.  He's a fine actor, and gave a good performance time after time, (and especially the few times he was allowed to express a full range of emotions).  Unfortunately, they made him kind of a whiny bitch toward the end, neutering any bad-ass credibility he earned in the first 5 or so seasons.  But he's still tops on the show.

Honestly, the only reason I didn't add Neelix is because I didn't want to raise the ire of the haters.  (Neelix is hated by Trekkers the way Jar-Jar is hated by whatever you call Star Wars geeks.)  But honestly, Neelix wasn't bad until the series got toward the end.  So, I assume none of you watched this show, and the comments will be pretty light.  So please feel free to comment about anything--related or not.  And please check out the Facebook page--we have 59 "likes" and we're shooting to break 100 (but would love to hit 60 today).


  1. Not that I watched, but it was interesting that two of the Governor's advisors from the sitcom, "Benson," ended up as major aliens in the Trek canon years later - Neelix and Odo.

    So that.

  2. Not that you watched Benson or Star Trek?  BTW, I always love a good Benson reference...

  3. Benson, yes. Trek series... Probably about one episode on the average from TNG on.

  4. Kes is actually among my favorite fictional characters ever. I've never seen such a portrayal of child like innocence in an adult format. In the end, I disagree with 7 of 9, and I'd have gone with Neelix. I know there's haters, but I loved his quirkiness, and how he honestly fit into the crew.

    That is the reason I think I like Voyager above all the other Star Trek series, because it took the idea of new species and characters not part of the crew integrating in. Not only that, it wasn't a rehash of old species over and over and over again. They could really push the envelope of what was established in TNG, and sometimes did.

    Kes though...what a great character....

  5. I agree about Kes, I liked her. I also agree about Voyager--I thought they had a great opportunity and it was a good concept. But they never took advantage of it. Janeway was terrible, and the show left plot holes big enough to fly a Galaxy Class starship through. Overall, it just disappointed me.

  6. Trekkies. Not Trekkers, ever.

  7. It's funny how strong an opinion people have about it. I guess if Trekkies was good enough for Gene, it should be good enough for the rest of us.

  8. Kes made my skin crawl when I'd see her onscreen, and her voice was like nails on a blackboard. I was SO happy to see her and her stupid "magical" powers leave the show. I would trade her on this list with Neelix, other than that it would be exactly the same as yours.

  9. Okay, I can appreciate that...