Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top 5 "Condescending Wonka" Memes

So the Condescending Wonka meme is still going strong (you've seen them popping up on Facebook).  Quick background--a while back, someone took a picture of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka and added some implied sexual language to it.  Others copied and revised, and this trend became known as "Creepy Wonka."  At some point, the Wonka quotes got more sarcastic, and the trend moved to it's current resting place, "Condescending Wonka."  I've read a ton, and decided it would be fun to toss my top 5 in here and see what you think!

5: A few more months on the job doesn't mean you have any meaningful insight to impart to me.  Same concept:

4: Seriously, enough, folks:

3: We all know someone like this, don't we?:

2: Literally lol'd at this one because some people live like they're in a movie:

1: Here's one that almost made me spit out my drink on the train--to me, it looks like Wonka may actually have said exactly this:

Of course, my favorite condescending Wonka is actually in the movie, when Mike Teevee is warned of how dangerous everything is, and runs off to try it anyway, and Wonka scarcely more than mutters, "No, wait, stop, come back." with as dry a delivery as possible.  Anyway, these are my favorites, but Google "condescending Wonka" and you'll find hundreds more.  If you find a good one, share it with us in the comments below!  Don't forget to "like" us too!

Okay, one more because it's apropriate.


  1. There should be one that says " you use the word 'meme' ? Clearly your more intelligent than me". Can we please ban this word from the english language?

  2. I LOVE the word "meme" when it's used properly.  This is not really a meme in the traditional sense, but as always happens, our language got hijacked and we're stuck with a "2. " in the "meme" definition.  

    I did see a funny one making fun of the use of "meme," but I thought these were funnier.

  3. Yes i LOVE these too, so sarcastic and nothing is safe - I posted a load in my blog - my faves are the Instagram one (my DJ name is Instamatic cos I'm a photographer I used to take 126 pictures in the 80's so hipsters pretending to be cool photographers with old cameras just get to me!) and the DJing and Skrillex ones.

    I created one so I'll premiere it here...(not a comment on your blog, it applies to me also, *no-one* is safe from Condescending Wonka! ;-) )

  4. oops forgot the blog link:

  5. Hilarious--love it!  Thanks for sharing it with us!