Friday, March 30, 2012

Top 5 KT5 Posts From 2011 You Didn't Read

Here at the KT5, we do new posts just about every day.  Usually, we get a great response from people either in the comments, on Facebook, or via email.  Even when we don't see many comments, the pages still get a ton of hits.  They can't all be winners, however, sometimes a good post sneaks under the radar and nobody sees it!  Here are the best posts from last year that never got any traction. Check 'em out and comment if you like them!

5. Top 5 Best Comic Book (Super Hero) Movies - I liked this one because it was a really tough choice--there are a lot of really good movies based on comic books.  You'll like it because it is a field begging for debate.

4. Top 5 Interesting Things About Lewis Carroll - I liked this one because Carroll was an interesting guy, but we only know him from Alice in Wonderland.  You'll like it because you only know him from Alice in Wonderland.

3. Top 5 Best "Corey" Movies - I liked it because I remember Corey Haim and Corey Feldman sucked pretty bad, and this list confirmed it to me.  You'll like it because you remember all the buzz about these two, and this will show you they were in exactly 2 decent movies.

2. Top 5 Best Atari 7800 Titles - I liked this one because it was a nice nostalgic trip to the early days of home video gaming.  You'll like it if you had an Atari 7800, or had a rival system, or like video games.

1. Top 5 Worst TV Euphemisms for F*** - I love this one because it's funny!  The things people have come up with to get around the inability to say "fuck" on television are varied and ridiculous.  You'll like it, unless you have delicate sensibilities--but in that case, you probably wouldn't be reading the KT5.

Hopefully you'll have a chance to check these out this time around.  If you like 'em, share 'em, and like the FB page too!

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