Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 5 Modern Technologies We Take for Granted

We live in an amazing time, yet we're so busy, we forget to look around in awe at just how amazing the time is! Here are 5 technological advances that only recently became integrated with our lives, yet which we take completely for granted.

5: Flat Screens - In the last 5 or so years, boxy televisions and computer monitors have disappeared in favor of flat screens, yet, morons that we are, we still envy our friends if their screens are a hair thinner.

4: The Internet - Almost every piece of information we could ever want, in addition to more commentary on all this information that we could ever read, is available to us with a few keystrokes.  But we get mad when a web page with 100 pictures takes more than a second to load.  This technology would be like magic to people 50 years ago.  Hell, it would have seemed like magic to me in college, when I waited impatiently as one picture took minutes to download.

3: Smart Phones - We constantly complain about our phones dropping calls, being too slow, breaking easily; but they give us access to the largest repository of information ever created, almost anywhere and near instantaneously.  Ask your grandmother if she ever anticipated something like this--she didn't, and 10 years ago, neither did you.

2: Instant Video - I remember watching 9 or so channels we received on rabbit ears (on a b&w t.v.).  I remember us getting cable, then a VCR, and eventually a DVD player.  Now I have hundreds of channels, a DVR to record and watch anything on any of these channels at any time I want, On-Demand to watch additional programs at my leisure, and streaming Netflix, Hulu, and others allowing me to consume even more shows and movies on my phone, computer, and t.v.  But Google things like "Netflix sucks" and you'll get nearly 6 million hits.

I love that they flip you off while displaying their touch-screen here.
1: Touchscreens - Admit it: you've touched a digital display somewhere and been befuddled when nothing happened, only to realize a moment later that the display isn't a touch screen.

So there you have it--tech that we can't live without, but don't even realize.  We're so money and we don't even know it.  But what do you think?  Did I miss something even more revolutionary?  Remember, this is modern tech, so don't give me "lightbulbs"!  And please, share this (and "like" it) on Facebook, and drop us a comment below!


  1. GUILTY of trying to use any screen as a touch screen. I also get frustrated when I can't find information I need on the internet, because surely that is the only place to go for information. What's a library?

  2. greedy desire fuels innovation, dont squelch it!

  3. Robert Dogga You may give this blog's reach a little more credit than it deserves.
    @95154f3e017fad5ccf0d1ef05e61fe00 Seriously, everything seems like a touch screen to me.

  4. Great list, especially the touch screen. You can check out my list here: http://geeksleek.com/technology-we-take-for-granted/

  5. Thanks for the comment--I hope my readers will check out your list and your site.  Like I commented over there--I can't believe I missed the remote control!!!

  6. GPS is pretty damned amazing too. To mimic, "What's a library?"... "What's a MAP?"

  7. Samantha anna DoorsApril 3, 2012 at 10:19 PM

    Perfect list. the touch screen was nice.

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  8. Thanks Samantha, and thanks for stopping by!

  9. Satellite radio.