Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top 5 Most Distinctive Male Voices

"It may look creepy, but when I say 'free mustache rides,' the girls never turn me down."
Did you ever hear a commercial on the radio and have that unsettling feeling that Darth Vader is trying to sell you a mattress or the voice-over guy from the Thriller video is pitching life insurance?  A lot of actors take these side jobs to stem the tide of bills in between acting gigs, but some have voices so distinct that they can't hide anonymously behind the radio.  Here are the most distinctive male voices in Hollywood (or a cemetery nearby).

5: Bobcat Goldthwait - You know him from most of the Police Academy movies.  He also sold cheese.

4: Jimmy Stewart - You know him from It's a Wonderful Life.  He also sold Firestone tires.

3: Vincent Price - You know him as the voice from Michael Jackson's Thriller.  He also sold Polaroid VHS tapes, Tilex, Time-Life books, and pitched Citibank credit cards.

2: Patrick Stewart - You know him as Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  He also sold Brain Age 2 video games and pitched rental cars from National.

1: James Earl Jones - You know him as Darth Vader's voice in Star Wars.  He also pitched Bell Atlantic and other phone companies.

So Bobcat is pretty funny (check out his old stand-up.  Some doesn't hold up, but it's pretty solid overall.)  As for the top four, I could listen to these guys all day long.  I've watched bad movies simply because they contained the voice of one of these actors.  Their voices are so distinct yet so perfect in different ways.

Anyway, perhaps Morgan Freeman should be on this list.  There are others I'm sure I left out as well, but someone always gets cut when you stop at 5.  Let us know who you think should be in the top 5 and why in the comments below.  And as always, if you enjoyed the post, consider liking us on Facebook or sharing us with your friends!


  1. cool top 5 of distinctive voices. can you not include there the man with golden voice Ted Williams? :) have joined your google friend connect. hope you could do the same. thanks 

  2. How about Gilbert Gottfried? Is there a more recognizable voice than that? And he does plenty of cartoons and commercials. And he's always hilarious on the Howard Stern Show.

  3. Oh man, that's a really good one...  I missed it, you're right.

  4. I don't know that he bumps any of these 5, and I think there are probably a few others I'd put in front of him too, but I like the outside the box thinking!  Thanks for following me too!

  5. Pretty amazed Morgan Freeman isn't on this list

  6. Gotta tip my (cowboy) hat to Sam Elliot. Extremely distinctive narrator for a lot of commercials, and rocks an impressive 'stache while onscreen.

    "Beef. It's what's for dinner."

  7. Interesting choice--I can hear it now!