Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Top 5 Proofs that Commas are Important

Grammar nerds rejoice!  Today we're going to explore usage of our favorite punctuation mark, the comma.  Specifically, we'll learn when and why are commas important.  Here's your lesson:

5: Commas are important when you're hungry:

4: Commas are important to avoid people thinking you're an incestuous pervert:

3: Commas are important when referring to your boyfriend by name in writing (depending on the name): 

2: The "Oxford comma" (before the "and" before the last word of a list) is important when discussing dictators and hookers in the same sentence:

1: Commas are important when trying to impress your (probably homophobic) homeboys on Facebook:

 Ah, the comma...  So important, yet so misused.  Add your favorite misuses of the comma below!  And "like" us.  And share us with your friends.  And encourage your friends to "like" us.  And... whatever, just enjoy the blog.


  1. *snort*  Ah, the comma. So small, yet so very important.