Friday, March 16, 2012

Top 5 Quotes From Dinner With My Dad and Brother

I recently had a nice dinner with my dad and brother at Morton's.  The steaks were amazing and the place is nice and upscale.  The conversation was not up to par.  Here's the top five quotes form the evening.

5: The waitress mistakenly brought my brother the baked potato I ordered (for myself) to my brother.
Waitress: "Do you want sour cream or bacon?"
Brother: "Um..."
Me: "Just sour cream."
Brother: "Hmm...  Uh..."
Me: "Seriously, no bacon."
Brother: "Sour cream, and, uh..."
Eventually he sent her away without bacon and gave it to me, so all was well, but wtf?

4: Me: "There are a bunch of really good steakhouses in the City; Peter Luger's, Gallagher's, Del Frisco's..."
Brother: "Is there an Outback?"

Everyone's favorite vegetable.
3: Brother: "I love brussels sprouts."
Me: "Yeah, they're good."
Brother (suddenly angry): "What do you know about brussels sprouts!?!?"

2: "When Ralph Macchio gets into fights, do you think he tries to crane kick people?  Like, that's all he's got?"
Sweep the leg.
1: Brother: "What nationality do you think our waitress is?"
Me: "You mean the freckled ginger with the thick Irish accent?  Irish."
Brother: "So she's not Jamaican?"

Next time, it's steakburgers at Burger King!  So how about you--have you had any good dinner conversations lately?  Share your stories below, and don't forget to like us on Facebook!


  1. Too funny! Brotherly Love.

  2. Where are Dad's quotes???

  3. He's a little more precise with his words.

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