Monday, March 12, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Daylight Saving Time is Stupid

Did Doc and Marty take DST into account?
So I had to move my clock forward--or backward--whatever--the end result is that I lost an hour of my day.  Well, I didn't really lose it, I used it in a 25 hour day I had a few months back.  This is the result of Daylight Saving Time ("DST"), and it's dumb.  The reasons behind it are dumb.  Almost everyone hates it.  Here are the reasons you should hate it too:

5: DST can injure you.  study looking at 10 years' worth of data found that the expected relative risk of an accident increases by 17% when an hour of sleep is lost from DST.

4: DST isn't necessary for farmers to regulate their day.  People think this, especially people in cities, but it isn't true.  Farmers hate DST--it is disruptive to their schedules.

3: DST doesn't cut down on energy consumption.  The idea is that more sunlight at night means less energy used for lighting everything.  This sounds nice, but the opposite has been shown to be true.  Indiana, which used to have DST only in some counties, instituted DST statewide in 2006.  A subsequent study found that the switch led to a 1% increase in energy usage.

2: DST can kill you.  A study looking at 20 years' worth of data shows that heart attacks increase by 5% within the first weeks of clocks being pushed back.  It's not clear whether this is from panic at waking up late for work.

1: DST is a pain in the ass.  You have to change all your clocks.  That means you have to know how to change all your clocks (including those in your car).  Invariably, you'll forget to change your watch, or you'll change your phone without realizing it already self-adjusted.  You'll spend the next few days figuring out which clocks are wrong through trial-and-error, during which time you hope you don't miss important interviews or meetings and subsequently lose your job.

So DST sucks, but you don't, right?  So let me hit you with two things: first, if you like what you read here, then please "like" it on Facebook (if you're already friends with me and get updates that way, please still "like" the FB page); second if you hate DST, as you should, and have additional things about it that piss you off (or, if you're a crazy person who wants to defend DST), share in the comments below--we love hearing from you (even when you think we're wrong).

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  1. I am sure it sucks big time and especially for people who move to US after living in a country without DST its a real pain in the ass. Even though I haven't lived in the US, but while working with US clients I often ended up missing the meeting since suddenly time had gone ahead by an hour on the other side of the globe!