Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 5 Steampunk Computers

Steampunk is a sub-genre of sci-fi/fantasy that borrows heavily on Victorian-age themes and imagines an alternate reality where steam power became dominant.  Enthusiasts have--as enthusiasts do in every genre--taken things a step further, creating steampunk-styled clothing, furniture, vehicles, equipment, and technology.  Below is a sampling--the best steampunk-themed computers.  Enjoy!

5: Decent job here.  Wood paneled, older looking keyboard--but could easily be from the late-70s/early-80s.

4: Pretty well done.  I love all the accoutrements--the brass lamp, the fob-watch, whatever the hell the thing to the left is.  Plus the keyboard is beautiful.

3: How sexy is this?  The lampshades add a nice touch to the amazing wooden cabinet.  The clock on the top goes well, even if the wood is a it off.  Best feature is easily the typewriter keyboard.

2: The perfect steampunk laptop.  They spared no detail--leather wrist padding, wood casing with brass trim, brass (looking) keyboard and touchpad, and (best), the clawfoot stands.  This is a work of art.

1: The total package.  This looks (to me) most like a modern computer in some alternate steampunk timeline.  Three monitors, lots of wood and brass, classic typewriter keyboard, and whatever that dial thing in the middle is all make it look like some bizarro-world IT guy's desk.  What sells it are the little action figures and the phone--it's not just gorgeous, it's functional!

So, anyone out there into steampunk?  What do you think of these computers--did I rank them right?  Are there any amazing ones I missed?  Let me know if the comments below, and please like us on Facebook!

(It seems like a lot of people get directed here from, so I figure I should link back to them--they run a great site.  And if you liked this post, you may dig some of these: general sci-fi stuff, some really cool fictional cars, and check out #2 on this one.  Thanks for the visit!)


  1. I do find Steampunk a pretty cool subgenre. I think I saw a lot of those touches for the first time in Terry Gilliam's, "Brazil."

    Personal favorite here is 4.

  2. I love that laptop!  Never really knew what steampunk meant until today, and I found this in a comments section.  Cool computers!  I definitely want one now!

  3. Thanks for the comment, Daniel--I'm glad you discovered Steampunk--it's a really fun sub-genre!  Hope to see you back here sometime!

  4. Digging the Top 5 lists sir. Found out about you thoguh

    My buddy and I are building asteampunk guitar and we're about halfway through it. We have some cool pics up if you wanna check it out. You don't have to follow us or nothin', just thought you might enjoy.

  5. Thank you!  I love, and I', glad you found me!  Thanks for sharing your site--the guitar is coming along great.  My favorite part are the skeleton keys (I'll leave it vague so others check you out themselves).  Hope you'll be back over here, and if you want to "like" us on Facebook, you'll get our daily top 5 in your stream.

  6. I can't believe my eyes at the perfectness of number 1, just like, I don't know what word to use to describe it.  The perfect Steampunk computer, wish I had one.

  7. I think they're all good, but 1, 2, and 3 especially so--I really love 1.  I'd happily pay a little extra to get one like it.

  8. This was awesome! I've heard alot about "steampunk", however I don't know much about it. I was talking about it with my PT girl and she was raving about. So I goggled it. And here I am. Thank you....

  9. You're welcome!  And thanks for stopping by--hopefully we'll see you back some time!

  10. These are so awesome! Great job. Someone said they wanted to turn their laptop into a "steampunk" so I had to see what it was. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for stopping by, and glad you found out what steampunk is (and glad you like it too)!

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