Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 5 Things You'll Never Hear a Ghost Hunter Say

I ripped this pic from an awesome Halloween prop
site: http://www.halloween-haunted-house.com/   
You've seen these shows all over your favorite (formerly reputable) history, science, and law channels.  A bunch of people go to a "haunted" location with a ton of equipment and ultimately scare the hell out of each other.  They always end up with photos of ghost orbs, thermal video images of ghosts, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings of spirits, EMF Meter readings showing ghost activity, and testimony that they "know what they saw."  Here's what you'll never hear them say:

5: Orbs - "Those "orbs" were probably just dust in the air that was too close to the lens to be in focus, but just far enough to pick up the flash.  We are in a basement after all, and dust is not exactly uncommon."

4: Thermal Video Images - "Those non-moving blobs of heat on the couch where we were just sitting, but which do not appear anywhere that we weren't touching the fabric, which were picked up by the thermal video are probably images of the heat we left behind.  Maybe we shouldn't take thermal videos of things we were just sitting on, leaning against, etc.

3: EVP - "It's four hours of static.  You recorded four hours of static."

2: EMF Meter - "Hey!  The EMF Meter is picking up all the electro-magnetic activity present in this house--as it is in every house--exactly as it's supposed to!  Now let's go look for ghosts!"

1: Eyewitness Testimony - "I have an idea of what I think I saw, but it's anecdotal evidence, so I don't expect you to accept it as proof.  Moreover, I know our minds can play tricks on us, so I'm looking for better evidence myself!"

Sorry to take the fun out of it, but the quicker we admit it's bullshit, the better off we'll all be.  Comments, questions, want to tell me that I'm full of shit?  Share your thoughts below.  And remember, we're never happier than when you share us with your friends and like us on Facebook.


  1. I agree. It's all bullshit. sensationalism at it's worst. I'm more into extraterrestrials..........

  2. You know how much I love those shows!

  3. Loving and believing are different things!

  4. ETs?  Nah...  Loch Ness Moster and Bigfoot maybe, but not aliens...  lol