Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 5 Craptastic Items from Dream Products Inc.

I get this catalog in the mail.  It is filled with the most inane, useless gadgets, trinkets, and magic amulets (literally) in existence.  My wife was bored and decided to mark up the ads before I had a chance to throw it out.  These comments (and the underlying advertisements) are the subject of today's top 5!

5: Here's a helpful phone:

4: Behold the beautiful terrycloth dress:

3: Random Christmas decorations in the spring?  Check.

2: A very special wallet, for "her."

1: Mmm... collagen in a bottle, useless and tasty!

There you go folks--you can't find quality programming like this anywhere else on the web, so like us today and share us with a friend.  And don't forget to share your comments or alternate quotes below!


  1. These are definitely crappy haha

  2. I think perhaps a graph showing the relationship between number of pockets and style might belong here. Or the Jesus suicide bracelet.

  3. I expect to run a second post with the top 5 ones that didn't make it into this post--there are a lot of funny ones!

  4. I was going to ask if you still have the catalog and could do a supplemental blog. Your readers can't properly judge if you've made the best decisions if they can't see what you had to choose from.

  5. You guys are a great comedy team.  

  6. It helps that Sooz is funny.

  7. You're both funny.