Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 5 April Fool's Jokes, 2012

April Fool's Day (often reported as a/k/a All Fool's Day, but come on, nobody calls it that) was yesterday, and people and companies all over the country took an opportunity to play pranks on people.  Some were funny, some were believable, one was sorta cruel, but they were all in good fun.  Here's my five favorites this year:

5: Mitt Romney's Staff - They brought the Presidential hopeful out onto stage to speak to an empty auditorium.  The real event (and the people waiting to hear him speak) was upstairs.  Oh yeah, they taped it.

4: Google Maps - Google is always good for an April Fool's prank.  This year, one of the things Google did was to render the world of Google Maps into an 8-bit version (a la the Final Fantasy world map), which is pretty cool (if a bit inconvenient if you were looking for the real world).

3: The YouTube Collection - YouTube will, for a fee, deliver dvds of its videos directly to you!  Millions of videos--more than it is possible to watch in a lifetime!  We can only hope that a VHS option is next.

2: Think Geek's Singing Fish - This is just pretty funny, and it wouldn't be the KT5 if something wasn't nerdy on here.  By the way, I hear Admiral Akbar is delicious.

1: Republican Race a Joke - Turns out all the craziness in the Republican Presidential primaries has been a joke.  Read the whole story here.  Okay, nobody bought this one, so it could have been an Onion article any day of the week, but it was pretty funny and well done.

Here's a bad one: a Connecticut State Representative tweeted that another state rep. was in the hospital following a car crash.  WTF man, dial it back.  Anyhow, were there any good ones I missed?  Add them to the comments below, and don't forget to like us on Facebook!

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