Saturday, April 7, 2012

Top 5 Easter Candies

At some point, future anthropologists will assume Easter was a Western fertility ritual--all eggs and "busy" bunnies right at the beginning of Spring.  What they'll be missing is the true point of the holiday--candy (at least I think that's the point--that's what the stores tell me).  Here are the best candies Easter has to offer:

5: Cadbury Creme Eggs - I still remember eating one for the first time when I was a young kid.  Until I researched this post, I had no idea that these have been around since the 60's!  I was sure they were invented in my lifetime--somewhere around 1984.  These were the absolute best--Cadbury makes amazing milk chocolate, and the thick, sugary syrup inside was so sweet, I lost the ability to recognize salty, bitter, and sour.  (Probably still had umami, but it wasn't discovered at that time).  I loved that the inside looked like an egg!  I don't know why--it kinda grosses me out now, and thirty-something me can't stomach one of these past a bite or two, but they easily get the 5 spot based on their strong history.

4: Peeps Marshmallow Chicks - An Easter tradition dating back to the 50's, these marshmallow treats (I prefer the chick form, but they also come as bunnies and other animals) taste fine, but they're on the list because they are iconic.  Plus, no other candy on the list lends itself to things like this, or this, or this.

3: Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs - I am so torn by this one.  One one hand, Whoppers are among the best malted milk balls; on the other, the candy used to make the eggs shells here has this weird tendency of sticking to my teeth.  Ultimately, taste wins out for me, and these take third place.  But maybe they shouldn't.  Give me your thoughts in the comments--maybe I can be swayed.

2: SweeTarts Chicks, Ducks, & Bunnies - These are bigger than a quarter, more tart than normal SweeTarts, and a little bit harder (though after the initial crunch, they melt into a gravelly mix of sweet-and-soury goodness).  There is a ton of chocolate floating around this holiday, and what isn't chocolate (or a Peep) is a jelly bean.  Unless you're lucky enough to score some of these little delicious critters.

1: Cadbury Mini Eggs - The candy shell has a delicate sweetness (unlike M&Ms) and the Cadbury chocolate melts in your mouth.  Literally--I bite these just hard enough to crack the shell, then I let them melt in my mouth--the chocolate is so creamy and the shell is so perfect.  These are far and away the best Easter candy.

What?!? no chocolate rabbit?!?  Nope.  A chocolate rabbit--granted, a staple for any self-respecting Easter basket--is nothing but a big hunk of (usually hollow) low-grade chocolate.  Share your favorite Easter candy in the comments below, and if you like what the KT5 brings you just about every day, why not like Kooz Top 5 on Facebook and share us with your friends?


  1. I'm right there with you on the Cadbury cream eggs, loved them when I was younger, the thought of even biting into one now makes me want to vomit. If this were my list the whoppers and sweetarts would be replaced with jelly bellies and Reese's peanut butter eggs. In fact, the peanut butter eggs might have shoved the Cadbury mini eggs out of first place :)

  2. Hmm...  Reese's PB Eggs are good, I'll give you that.  I think my problem with them is that the PB to chocolate ratio seems off.  I really like Reese's PB Cups, but the Eggs have too much PB.  

    Jelly Bellies, yeah, I understand.  I considered them for the list.  I bumped them because, essentially, jelly beans are just jelly beans (even really good ones like Jelly Bellies) and there's really nothing too special about them.  More importantly, they aren't really seasonal--you can find them year round, even if the packaging changes.  The other things on the list are available for a month or two all year.  They're like the McRib, while Jelly Bellies are the double cheeseburger--good, but not special.

  3. Bought four out of the five a few days after Easter, the Kooz Top 5 on the Droid for reference.  Still enjoying them now.  

    Can't get with #2, though.  

    And yes, peanut butter to chocolate ratio is key to that candy.  The best are the Reese's Miniatures, hands down.  Preferably frozen.  

  4. Frozen--yes.

    ...And glad to be of service.  :)