Monday, April 16, 2012

Top 5 Observations from my Night Out

I went out with friends for a few drinks in Stamford, CT, "...The City That Works!" (seriously, that's the town slogan--ellipses, exclamation point, and all) and have a few observations:

5: Get drunk, save money.  I work in NYC and find myself out there a lot more often than elsewhere.  I forgot that in most places, a gin and tonic isn't $11!  I saved a fortune!

4: On being in a band... One bar had a really good band that had to be so aggravated.  These guys and girls obviously worked hard learning to play and learning all the music, because as cover bands go, they really were good.  However, they were playing to literally less than a handful of mildly enthused fans--seriously, there were no more than 12 people in the bar, four of whom were watching the band.

3: Food trucks, hot dogs, and women.  There was a food truck selling hot dogs.  Let me be clear, it wasn't a hot dog cart, it was a full out food truck that specialized in hot dogs.  I only noticed it because we watched a couple of pretty girls get hit on by a couple of doofuses, then we saw them all leave together.  We couldn't understand it until we saw the girls from the window--they were heading to the hot dog truck with the dorks in tow.  They all disappeared behind the truck (for what seemed like an inordinately long time--long enough for us to make snide comments to each other about what they might be doing), then emerged eating hot dogs that we're certain the guys paid for.  A minute later the girls were walking away alone.  Guys are suckers.  But seriously, a hot dog food truck?  Lame.

2: Random stupidity.  A girl in a bar came up to me said said, "You look so familiar, I think I know you. What's your name?" I said, "Dave." She said, "Nope," and left.  I am left thinking the name "Dave" is less common than I thought, since it ruled me out as someone she'd met--she must not know any Daves.

1: Falafel and elevators.  At the end of the night, we went for a bite.  The only place open (aside from the hot dog truck) was a falafel place.  As I was paying, a girl came in causing the guys behind the counter to stop everything and tell each other that the "elevator girl" was here.  Here are the incidentals that make this ridiculous: (1) all the guy had to do to not make me wait was give me my change, which he was holding in his hand; (2) all the guys behind the counter were well into their 40's but were giddy as schoolgirls; and (3) after they prompted the elevator girl to "do the thing," (their words) she did a pantomime of walking down a non-existent staircase (like this), which made the guys go wild.  I know I was drunk, but this made no sense.

So, encountered any crazy, stupid, inane, or bizarre stuff lately?  Better still, ever been out in Stamford--what do you think?  Share your comments below and like us on Facebook!


  1. I am just mad you didn't call us to join you.

  2. Nothing good ever happens behind a hot dog truck...

  3. Dorks in tow.. Hahaha
    U forgot strobe lights means it cool and happening inside that place!!

  4. Good call--totally forgot that from the outside, you can tell how cool and happening a place is by the amount of strobe lights you can see from the street!  But wait...

  5. I can think of a thing or two that might not be terrible.  The again, no matter what's happening, you're still behind the hot dog truck, so maybe I take it back.

  6. Those 5 and the fact you are old now and clearly out of the game.

  7. Ouch man, ouch.
    ...and are you hiding behind a misc. ID?  lol

  8. Damn couldnt even get misc right