Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top 5 Purchases I Have to Make as a Homeowner

As an adult I rented apartments in big buildings or in multi-family houses until two years ago when I bought a house of my own.  There were big bills and purchases I expected going in, but there are a bunch of little things I never gave thought to.  Here are the top 5 purchases I keep making now that I own a home.

"Hey Kooz, all my children have been instructed to take up residence on your lawn--bwahahahahaha!"
5: Weed Killer - I have a lawn and I want it to be presentable.  I've never worried about a lawn before.  Unfortunately, dandelions think my dirt is delicious, so I spend a considerable time buying weed killer and spot spraying.

4: Bug Spray - When I rented, I didn't hang out outside the apartment often, so outdoor bugs didn't matter; I didn't have a garage or basement, so there were no bug issues there; and if I ever found bugs in my apartment, I'd tell the landlord to get an exterminator.  Now I care about--and am alone to handle--all three.  While I've been lucky to avoid indoor bugs (save the occasional spider or gross centipede), I find myself buying cans after can of spider spray, wasp/hornet spray, and (just in case) ant spray.

[Insert "plumber's crack" joke here; get no laughs.]
3: Liquid Plumber - As a renter, I didn't need this stuff.  The pipes rarely stopped up and any problems were handled by calling the super or calling the landlord.  Now they are my problem, and since I'm barely qualified to use a sink, much less fix one, my first line of defense is foaming pipe snake.  When this doesn't work I call anyone but Roto-Rooter.

"Wanna see, or wanna eat?  Your call, but soon my buddies will all blink out too."
2: Light Bulbs - I can't believe (a) how many light bulbs I have in and on my house, (b) how quickly they burn out, and (c) how hard some of them are to reach.  I just counted the bulbs in my bedroom and bathroom, and there are 34--thirty-effing-four!  Granted that 12 are weird round bulbs that sit over the sink mirrors, but that still leaves 22.  And these aren't cheap incandescent bulbs--they're flod light bulbs that cost from $7 to $12 each!

Appliance graveyard.
1: Appliances - My place came completely furnished with appliances, which I figured would last forever.  Did you know appliances break?  Constantly.  And require professional help to be fixed.  And can't be replaced except for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

What expenses did you fail to foresee in home ownership?  Tell us in the comments below, and as always, like us and share us with friends.


  1. sir, would you like some cheese with that w(h)ine?

  2. You might consider it an appliance, but the dang hot wtr heater! My dad has had to replace his 3 times, and mine once :)

  3. Have you seen The Money Pit?

  4. I'm a bit more intimidated by the bigger purchases, like new gutters or decks.  Just trying to plan how to deal with it ends up with a need to have the entire house replaced piece by piece and it grinds the whole idea to a halt.  Just waiting for the roof to fall in now.