Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 5 Reasons I Love My iPhone

Guest Blogger Christie offers up today's top 5...

We all have smart phones (and those who don’t get ridiculed and mocked … I applaud that).  I knew I would get addicted to mine.  I put off getting one for a bit, but now wish my iPhone were permanently glued to me.  Here are the top 5 reasons I love it:

5: Checking my email.  In my former job, I had to constantly check my email.  If I wasn’t near a computer, I could still check on my phone.   Now that I’ve moved on career-wise, I still find it easier to check my (multiple) email accounts on my phone than otherwise.  They are all in one place and there’s no logging on and off—it’s all right there in one neat little package.

4: Crazy and Practical Apps.  When it comes to apps, there are both the practical and the insane.  I have an app for nail polish art.  You heard me!  I like to get creative with my nails every now and then and there are too many blogs dedicated to it to follow, so I searched the App Store and lo and behold—Nail App!   There is also a daily Fortune Cookie app, which saves me from ordering Chinese delivery—it even lets you “pull apart” the cookie!  Every now and then you should do an app search for something bizarre.  You will be surprised at what you will find.  (Hint: the Taco Finder is a favorite too.)  More practically, check your bank balance while shopping, set the dvr when you lost the remote (again), make sure Jeter is in tonight’s lineup, and check the weather from your fingertips.  You can be productive wherever you are.  They also help you out when you need it—I use the flashlight app constantly.  But it doesn’t end there—there’s an app to help your job search, stay connected with friends, and scan bar codes to see if you can get that bottle of soda cheaper someplace else.  Finally, check if your favorite stores have apps of their own—they post sales and coupons in the apps that aren’t found anywhere else. 

3: iBooks.  Using my phone as an e-reader is great.  I am not a fast reader, but reading on the iPhone makes me feel like I am since the pages are small and go faster than a book.  This comes in handy at the Doctor’s office, lunch hour, or whenever you need a break.  And not buying a separate device is a huge bonus. 

2: Settling bar debates.  If everyone at Cheers had a smart phone, Cliff Clavin wouldn’t have had a prayer.  You know the drill: you and your friends are hoisting a few and then it starts… “remember that movie with that guy and the car chase?”  At least once a week, the phones are brought out to settle who starred in a movie, when McDonald’s sells the McRib, or what the dirty term for that “position” is.  (Yes, these examples are all from real and recent debates.)  And of course, the later the evening, the more these precious instruments of information are needed.  Thanks to my phone, we’ve determined that Mr. Dobalina was in fact originally done by the Monkees, and Meatloaf and Jim Steinman are two different people.  My phone has saved friendships, but more importantly it has saved us nights of trying to think of the name of that 80’s cop show was that was only on a short time and the guy who starred in it has been on Law and Order.  (Oh yeah THAT narrows it down.   Answer at the end of this post.)    

1: Scrabble.  Hello, my name is Christie and I am a Scrabble addict.  Admitting it is always the first step right?  Well over the last few months, I have used this app more than any other on my phone.  Sure, I got hooked on Angry Birds and a few others, I always come back to my Scrabble.  It saved my brain from going complete to mush while recovering from an illness, and now I play it every night before I go to sleep.  If Scrabble isn’t your thing, there are millions of different games out there.  Press Your Luck is a great one!  (Big Bucks, no whammies… STOP!)  And if you had a Commodore 64 as a kid (yes, I’m dating myself here) you may remember Montezuma’s Revenge, which you can play in all it’s low res graphical glory!  Action games, retro (GALAGA!), even bar games (think darts and Monkey Bash) can all be found for your phone and can feed any addiction.  You can play like you did when you got home from school and a whole lot of them are FREE!  So play on!!

So there it is.  My top 5 reasons I love my iPhone.  Notice Siri did not make the list.  Sorry Siri but you never understand what I’m saying and always just defaults to a web search.  Useless.  I also didn’t mention actually using the phone as a phone (I don’t like talking on the phone; I text or email more that I call, so it doesn’t make the list).  I love my phone and now that baseball season is starting, I have the feeling I will love it even more! 

So how do you use your phone?  Games, business, a little from column “A” a little from column “B”?  Or have you decided against smartphones and want to stay true to your flip phone (prepare to be mocked)?  Share your thoughts below, and like us on Facebook or share us with a friend.  Cheers!!!

(Oh yeah, the 80’s cop show was called Sledge Hammer.) 


  1. I used to LOVE Sledge Hammer.  I still remember the finale--I think the whole city blows up.  What was his catch phrase?  Something like: "Trust me, I know what I'm doing."?  Awesome.

    Otherwise, I don't own an iPhone, and my Droid Incredible is so riddled with problems from the bundled software and bungled updates that I don't get the same enjoyment from it that you seem to!

  2. What about getting to listen to droid owners "justify" their purchase?  Yeah, we know there's a faster droid or one with a bigger screen or whatever... it's still a droid.

    I do respect the droid owners who just straight up say they have one because they didn't want to spend so much on a freakin' phone and prefer a second-tier "pretty smart" phone.  It's OK.  I drove a Geo Metro for 12 years - and even had an iPhone for some of that time...

  3. Christie CartolanoApril 19, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    I don't have anything against Droids myself.  I just have never had one so I can't comment on them.  I think all smartphones are just the best things to come around for quite some time.  The fact you can do so much on them without having to buy separate devices or carry around your laptop everywhere is amazing.  And I can't stress enough how many freebies you can get for them!  Let's face it, we're all watching pennies these days--the more freebies the better!! :)

  4. Currently hating my iPad for losing the entire long comment I just wrote.

  5. Alright, trying this again.
    Love #2, although it kind of takes the fun out of things. While it is great not to drive myself crazy trying to remember the name of that show where the guy that sings Jesse's Girl is a detective, I miss having to call up my brother (that I hardly see) to get the answer on all things tv and film. Good job, Christie, now I miss my brother and have no reason to call him!

  6. Awwwww...  We can just talk, you know.  

  7. The only problem I have with anything Mac related (and I've owned several Mac Laptops and iPods) is the obnoxious cult-like mentality that buying anything else is somehow ludicrous.  

    The product isn't the problem, it's the people.  

    Like the iPhone.  Like my Droid.  Loved "Sledge Hammer."

  8. Now THAT is ludicrous.

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  10. what's not to love about iPhone! ^_^