Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 5 Romney Sarcastic Clap Pics

You know the slow clap/sarcastic clap?  Well lucky for us, Mitt Romney, our presumptive Republican Presidential candidate who is very rich and he knows it, had a pic snapped while he was mid-clap.  Granted, he's an easy target (and, sadly for America, what Republican isn't this cycle?), but these are still fun.

5: Thanks for the campaign advice based on a semester of Poli-Sci.  Slow Clap Romney says, "Here's to your bright future in politics."

 4: Mormonism is bullshit?  Slow Clap Romney says, "I'm sure your religion is supported by evidence."

3: Everything is bigger in Texas.  Slow Clap Romney says, "Yeah, W., I get it.  Good for you."

 2: So, Texas, you've decided not to secede.  Slow Clap Romney says, "Great."

1: So you think even the very poor can grow up to be President.  Slow Clap Romney totally agrees.

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  1. he looks like a living south park character, what an ass?

  2. Why the question mark--are you asking how his ass is?