Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top 5 Things to do when your Husband is at Boys' Night Out

Guest Blogger Sooz is taking over today's blog.

What's a girl to do when left at home for the night?  Here you go!

5: Eat whatever you want - Want to order out?  Go ahead!  Want to skip dinner and go straight to dessert?  I don't see why not!

4: Play with reckless abandon.  Play as many games of Words With Friends, Scramble Free, and Draw Free as you want.  No need to feel guilty about not paying attention to your husband talking it important?

Quality programming.
3: Watch whatever you want.  You don't have to suffer through Lifetime movies and WWE matches...unless you want to.

2. Set the alarm clock.  Go ahead and set the alarm clock on HIS side of the bed to go off at the crack of dawn.  You won't be hungover, so it's not going to bother you!

1. Hijack your husband's blog.  Worked for me!

Hopefully your husband wont remember these things when it's your turn for Ladies' night out.  Do you have better ways to spend your night in?  Keep it clean, folks, and leave it in the comments below.

[Ed. note: The husband will remember...]

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