Friday, May 25, 2012

Top 5: Funniest Pie Charts

I love pie charts.  You can learn a lot from pie charts.  The following are pretty funny, and pretty educational.  No, I kid--these have no academic value.  I should note--I didn't come up with these.  Funnier people beat me to it.  I'm linking the words "pie chart" in each of these to the website where I found the image.

5: When making a pie chart, color matters, as demonstrated below.

4: To prepare for your audience with the Godfather, review the pie chart below.

3: A pie chart.  Literally.  (I was really hoping someone did this, and I'm glad I found this one!)

2: There are several pie charts that look like things, including one that looks like Mr. T, but this one takes the cake (err, pie)!

1: Yo Joe!  This pie chart will bring the G.I. Joe closing PSA's to mind.

There are a lot of funny ones--just Google it.  If you find one you really like, share it in the comments.  And please, check out and like our Facebook page!


  1. The GI Joe one made me laugh out loud. I often say to people "and knowing is half the battle," which tends to generate strange looks from my students.

  2. I loved that one too--do you realize we're coming up on the 30th anniversary of the cartoon (premiered in 1985)?  Crazy...

  3. Bravo to all involved.  I expect to see the top five Bar Charts next.  Maybe Line Graphs.