Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top 5: Reasons Today's Post is Lame

Total cop out, but for the sake of not missing the day, here's why today's top 5 is lame.

5: I'm writing it on an iPad in the dark with my two year old and 5 month old sleeping in play pens on the floor next to me, so I can't effectively research an interesting topic.

4: I usually keep a couple of articles in the queue for times when I'm too busy to write, but the queue was depleted due to working past midnight a couple times this week.

3: Nobody volunteered to guest blog. ...Something about it being a holiday or something.

2: Umm... Would you believe I was kidnapped by aliens?

1: Let's be honest, nobody is reading this on the Saturday of a long weekend!

Enjoy the long weekend! And if you did read this, leave a quick comment to let me know (and show me up)!


  1. Of course I read this Kooz!

  2. How about the top 5 most hated reality tv shows?

  3. I thought I'd post a matching lame comment, but it turns out I'm just not capable.