Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top 5 Songs About Pot

"Welcome to Marijuana's, please drive around.  ...Not aimlessly.  I mean, please drive to the next drive-through window to pick up our order.  What?  Oh.  Yes, you ordered.  18 cheeseburgers.  But we're a medical marijuana clinic, so I was just gonna give you a joint."  
"Pot, grass, dope, weed, homegrown, sinsemilla, maui-wowie, thai sticks, joints, roaches, indica, concentrated resin called hash or hashish but some [people] call it bud..."  Whatever you call it and whatever you think of it, there's no doubt that marijuana has left an indelible mark in the arts.  Many singers and songwriters across every genre have honored this CNS depressant/hallucinogen, going back to the 16th Century with La Cucharacha (la cucaracha ... ya no puede caminar ... porque no tiene marihuana pa' fumar; English: the cockroach ... can't walk anymore ... because it doesn't have marijuana to smoke).  For all you potheads out there, here are the top 5 pot songs (in this non-smoker's opinion):

5: Can't Wake Up (I'm a Blunt) (KRS-One, 1993) - Old school rapper KRS-One hung his early nineties comeback on tracks like this.  He wasn't terribly successful, but he's still KRS-One, and the song is all about  smoking--the hook is: "I'm a blunt gettin' smoked and I can't wake up..."

4: You Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty, 1994) - This songs has three things going for it: (1) the line, "so let's get to the point; let's roll another joint"; (2) the fact it was banned from some radio stations and censored by others for that very line; and (3) the fact that Tom Petty is the man.

3: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Bob Dylan, 1966) - Bob Dylan's famous refrain: "But I would not feel so all alone; everybody must get stoned!" directed a generation to join him in his reefer madness.  Dylan was stoned when this was recorded--if you listen closely, you can hear laughing and talking in the background and whether you listen closely or not you'll hear that Dylan's harmonica bits and singing were in a different key than the other instruments.

2: Down 2 Tha Last Roach (Eazy-E, 1993) - The quote at the top of this article is from this song.  Almost every other line is a weed reference.  Plus, Eazy-E is an all-time great rapper, and he sounds as good on this track as any he ever recorded.  The question and answer segment at the end bumps this up to number 2.

1: I Wanna Get High (Cypress Hill, 1995) - The group that's spent every day of the last 25 years stoned has to get the top spot.  And among their many songs about pot, the clearest is this.  Cypress Hill leaves nothing to the imagination, naming the song I Wanna Get High, and making their intent clear--"hits from the bong"!  Best line: "Tell Bill Clinton to go inhale."

So I don't even smoke, but it's a fun topic.  Sorry Afroman fans, Because I Got High didn't make the list because it sucks.  Really, it does.  You know you have an opinion on this--let us know in the blog comments below.  And if you enjoyed the read, share it and like us on Facebook!


  1. I dont know all of these, but how about Last Dance With Mary Jane? Or Pass The Dutchie from the left hand side.
    I do love the number one pick, though.

  2. "Smoke Two Joints" cover by Sublime

    Originally done by The Toyes.