Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top 5 Things I Miss About Work

Sooz brings you today's top 5...
This "mom" thing doesn't pay so well.
A couple months ago I had to make the difficult decision to leave my job.   It turns out day care hours and entertainment industry hours don't mix, and working from home was not an option.  (Did that make me sound like a stripper?)  Anyway, I've really started to mourn the loss of my job, and here's the top five reasons why.

No my first name ain't baby, it's Your.  Ms. Name is you're nasty...
5: Business Cards - Nothing says, "hey, I have a job" like business cards.  And my favorite use for business cards is putting them in the fishbowl by the cash register at restaurants in the hopes of winning a free meal.  While I do still have some left, I don't think our fish would appreciate me throwing the cards into their bowl.

Large tea, skim milk, no sugar.  Yes, I know it's a coffee cart.
4: The Food - When you work in Manhattan you can find any kind of food you want, whenever you want.   And the coffee cart guy on your office corner knows your order by heart.  Sadly, my home kitchen does not offer the same options and my suburban block is sorely missing a coffee cart.

This is exactly what this looks like in 2012.
3: Water Cooler Talk - I no longer have any idea what shows to watch; my kids don't seem to know what GCB stands for, and I'm pretty sure 50 Shades of Grey might be a new series on HGTV.

PC LOAD LTR  - WTF does that mean?!?!
2: The People - Over the years I've been pretty lucky to work with some great individuals, but the group at my last job was arguably the best.  They work hard, play hard, and entertained the hell out of me.  Working crazy hours is so much more bearable when someone is next to you making you laugh.

Will work for sleep.
1: The Commute - While there are many downsides to commuting, I do miss the long train rides that gave me the chance to catch up on reading and some solid sleep.   More than once I have considered hopping on a train with my pillow and blanket on especially restless nights.

Truth is, my coworkers should really be number one, but don't tell them that. They aren't exactly modest to begin with. I miss those cocky bastards.

P.S. You probably noticed that money was not on this list.  I felt it was too much of a gimme.  (I mean really, gimme some money!)

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  1. Sooz, LOVE this one!  When I lost my job in Feb. (due to illness) I too left behind some fantastic people.  I loved going to work every day to see these nutjobs--and not just the people I worked with, but the tenants I dealt with on a daily basis. I recently ran into a couple of the older ladies I would help out (again, on a daily basis) and they hugged the hell out of me and told me they missed me. It meant so much considering I never got to say goodbye. I'm still using one of the xmas gifts given to me by one of the ladies.So for me, it was the people that made the job what it was.

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