Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top 5 Ways Clocks Are Messing With Me

Sooz is back with a new top 5 for you:

Cut it out, clocks!  Don't I have enough to deal with?  Let's all work together and make my life easier, shall we?  Thanks!

Not helpful.
5: Clock vs. Timer - I use the timer on my microwave pretty often, and somehow every time I glance at it the time left is pretty similar to the time the clock should be showing. Confusing.

4: Spy vs. Spy - Okay, it's really Clock vs. Clock, but I have two microwaves, one right on top of the other (don't ask) and they never show the same time. Even when I try to program one to match the other, it somehow never works out.   Surely the microwaves are changing time, slowly, but surely.

3: Clock vs. Thermometer - In one room I have a combination clock/thermometer that alternates between showing the time and showing the temperature.   Just about every time I look at it, I think it's frozen, but no, the time and temperature are the exact same numbers.  What are the odds of that?   Apparently it is always 71.6 degrees at 7:16 p.m.

2: DVR vs. Me - My dvr hates me, and I am not too fond of it, either. The end of my shows always get cut off which should not happen with this piece of technological wizardry! Shouldn't the internal dvr clock match up with the tv programming clocks?  Anyone out there watch Modern Family?  Would be nice to know if Gloria said anything important at the end of the last episode.

1: Military Time vs. Civilian Time - You can't possibly expect me to be able to subtract 12 from your fancy afternoon and evening hours.  I can barely find time in the day to change out of pajamas, but I have to do math to figure out exactly how sad it is that I'm still in pjs?

Do any of these problems plague you?  Can you tell me how to avoid them?  Do you have the answer to my Modern Family questions?  Please share any comments with us in the link below, and please like us here and share us with friends!


  1. SO nice to know that the DVR thing isn't just frustrating to me!  (and yes, I keep missing Gloria's gems at the end of the show as well.)  If the showe goes to 9:32pm then the DVR should program it as such--we shouldn't have to manually put in the extra minutes!  And yet, I'll bet if a two year-old had the remote, all shows would be programmed perfectly as I am a firm believer that only kids can program VCRs, DVRs and open safety-capped pill bottles.

  2. Nope, two year olds can't figure it out. Give me a few months and I'll let you know how a three year old does!

  3. I say he nails it!

  4. I think the vitriol for #2 needs to be directed towards the networks, which extend shows to try to force you into watching whatever is on next.  Not cool, even if you record the next show, the button is cut into two pieces.  

    "Troy and Abed in the mor(click)"

  5. But...then I would only have a top 4!