Friday, June 15, 2012

Top 5 Bad Parenting Tips from the Train

Stood in the bar car on the way home from work--overheard some of the bad parenting anecdotes from a mom and two dads whose kids ranged from 7 to 13.  Here are the worst 5 things that came out in the conversation.  My thoughts in italics.

5: "I know my seven year old smokes weed, but the important thing is that I know."  Yeah, that's the important thing.  That's the point.

4: "The sex conversation was, 'Don't come home pregnant.'"  The best part is this was said by the guy who said he only had two sons.  Huh?

3: One parent to another: "What do you think, they get older and smarter?"  Nope; not if you're the parent.

2: I told my [11 year old] kid: "Alcohol gets you fucked up; there's no need to do anything else."  So your 11 year old shouldn't do drugs, he should drink instead?

1: "I'd rather you didn't drive drunk, but do what you've gotta do and don't get caught.  Crash in the front yard."  Well, sure, brilliant advice.  Then parent 2 says, "It's a metaphor for life.  A metaphor."  To which, about the world "metaphor," I think this

I've heard some bad parents before, but these folks were delusional--they were terrible parents and they thought they were killing it!  Ever heard any terrible but oblivious parents?  Share your crazy stories in the comments, and don't forget to like our Facebook page!

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