Saturday, June 9, 2012

Top 5 Black and White Animals

Until I had kids (and the attendant zoo toys and books) I never realized how many black and white animals there are.  With little thought I can rattle off six.  So, here are the five best animals who were unaffected by color printing.

5: Holstein Cattle - We love cows for their milk and their meat, and kids love their moo.  Holstein Cattle were bred to produce a lot of milk and be black and white.  Priorities!

4: Skunk - Skunks get a bad rap because of the stink, but they're kind of cute.  Plus, Pepe Le Pew.

3: Zebra - The striped animal from the same family as horses hangs out with other zebras in order to make predators' heads spin more than Rene's while trying to see the sailboat in Mallrats.  Cool fact: zebras are actually black with white stripes, not white with black stripes.  (For real!  Genetics is a hell of a drug.).

This panda is an accomplished floutist.
2: Giant Panda - Bamboo.  Pandas are nuts on the subject; crazy--they're obsessed with the Asian grass.  (Anyone get that?)  It comprises 99% of their diet--ninety-nine!  And yes, they are members of the bear family, despite internet circles claiming they aren't (incorrectly as a sort of "strange but true" thing.)

1: Penguin - Everybody loves penguins.  Puffins, less so.  Convergent evolution be damned.

Can anyone name any more black and white beasts?  Each correct, non-duplicative answer scores you 10 meaningless points!  Anyway, thanks for visiting; share this if you like it; and like us on Facebook.


  1. Killer whales, Holsteins, and Dalmatians! And Zebra-Swallow-Tailed Butterfly:)

  2. I'll give you Killer Whales--they deserve to be on the list. And I have Holsteins as number 5. I am not a dalmatian fan, so they probably don't make the cut to the top 5, though they're certainly eligible. The Zebra-Swallow-Tailed Butterfly is an interesting selection--I wasn't aware of it and now need to look it up! Thanks for the comments!

  3. This is were Google make is alogrithm names, Panda , penguin and Next i guess will be Zebra or Cow.