Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 5 Casino Table Games

Casinos are magical places where time stands still and fortunes are made (by casinos) and squandered (by everyone else). If you find yourself in Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other hub of gambling activity, seek out any of these table games. And stay away from the slots.

5: Casino War - There's something unwholesome about playing a favorite kids' game in a casino. Usually the cheapest table game, Casino War invokes images of Clark Griswold going to the shady casino in Vegas Vacation--you sit at the Casino War table looking for the "guess which hand" guy.

4: Three Card Poker - This game gives you the illusion of playing poker and having control over what happens to your bet. In that sense, it's fun. It also happens to be the most profitable table game ever for casinos.

3: Roulette - Always bet on black, except when the result is red. But don't always bet on red, that'd be crazy.

2: Blackjack - The game every 19 year old who sneaks into a casino plays--it's easy and straightforward. Always double down on 11, never buy insurance, split aces. It's a fast and efficient way to lose your money.

I'm here to confuse you.
1: Craps - There is always a crowd of people around a craps table cheering and making noise--it's the most social and fun game, but can also be the most confusing--at times, it seems like money is being tossed on the table from all directions, and people are yelling things like "nickel yo" and "ten hard eight." Just bet the pass line, play odds and back up your bet when the point is 6 or 8, and... Yeah, okay, I guess it is a little confusing. Whatever--it's a great game and can give you the best odds in the casino.

So go check out the nearest casino, find a seat at a table, get a gin and tonic, and prepare to make a donation to the casino owners. And while you're waiting to go, check out the Kooz Top 5 on Facebook and leave us a comment or just say hello below!


  1. I love how it draws you into an almost mystical experience and end I learned a lot about casinos that I didnt know before.Thanks for sharing

  2. Christie CartolanoJune 20, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    I'm personally a video slots gal myself.  I've hit for some nice money and lost a bunch as well.  But at least they entertain you with cartoons in the middle of them and hey, after a while of drinking the free drinks, losing the money doesn't hurt as much. (until you sober up)

  3. Do I even need to say what's missing from this list?

  4. Poker wasn't included because it isn't a "table game" in the sense that you don't just sit down for a hand or two then get up and leave if you want--it's more of a tournament style game.  Fair enough?

  5. Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

  6. Great post…I like



  7. That's actually not true. In addition to tournaments you can play cash games where you can get up anytime you want. You could literally play 1 or 2 hands then get up and leave. Granted this is frowned upon and if you do it in the wrong place you could be inline for ass kicking.

    Dave I just enjoy giving you a hard time.

  8. Didn't know that!  In that case, yeah Poker just edges out War.  But War is funnier.

  9. Definitely craps for me. I find I've actually won money there more often than I've lost it (once side-by-side with the staff of the Kooz Top 5!). And when I HAVE lost, it's so much more of a slow leak.

    And if you DO always bet on black and actually win... Be sure to report those earnings to the IRS.

  10. You need a lot of focus when playing Craps. With all those people shouting and cheering, it’s quite hard to get your head in the game. But, out of all the table games, it’s definitely my favorite because it’s so much fun being around with a lot people cheering for you every time you win. =)
    Clint Fillmore