Friday, June 22, 2012

Top 5 Facts I Learned This Week

Sooz is here today to educate you.

You learn something new every day, right?  Well here's the top five random things I learned this week.  Because knowledge is power, and I wanted to share the wealth.  And mix the metaphors.

Also available in brunette.
5: Music and Travel - The red head from the B52s owns a motel. More importantly, the toiletries this hotel provides were pilfered from hotels around the world by Ms. Pierson whilst on tour.
Half a loaf is better than none...unless you have to cook it yourself.
4: Home Economics - Making ciabatta bread from scratch is not worth the time, energy, or mess. Shell out the $7 to buy a loaf at the store.

Cajun-style blackened everything for everyone!
3: Appliances - My oven is capable of turning itself on despite the fact that all of the knobs and buttons are switched to off. Fun stuff, GE Monogram!

The right key is the key!
2: Automotive - The key to a Toyota Corolla will not work in a Honda CRV. Who knew?

'Nuff said.
1: The Government - Did you know that government can, on occasion, make questionable choices? Now I am not into politics, but I'm kind of into political incorrectness. Even so, I would suggest choosing a different model for their "improper color" passport photo example.

Did you learn anything interesting this week?  Do tell in the comments below!  And don't forget to like our Facebook page when you get a chance!


  1. Well, if the key to a Toyota Corolla will not work in a Honda CRV, what the hell WILL it work in?

  2. I will let you know when I figure it out.