Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 5 Kids' Board Games

We'll be going over the best board games at some point, but before we do, we'll have a disclaimer that we are not including kids' games. For those who expect to be outraged by this future announcement, we are preemptively providing you with this: a list of the top 5 board games for kids. (Just because it's interesting, I'm including the years the games were first made.)

5: Chutes & Ladders (1892, 1943) - The chutes replaced the snakes from the British version when the game migrated to the states. The Brit version was based on a 16th Century game Indian game. The wiki entry for this game points out that players are never asked to make any decisions, and the winner is predetermined by the shuffle of the cards. This makes it a great game for kids, but excruciatingly mind-numbing for adult.

4: Trouble (1965) - The Pop-o-Matic Bubble alone would put Trouble on the list, has to garner strong consideration for the number one spot. Land on someone else's peg to send them packing, and race around the board until you get all your pegs home. It's a very simple concept, but popping those dice makes it more fun than it really should be.

3: Candy Land (1945) - What makes Candy Land awesome is the variety of places on the board--you remember Gum Drop Mountain, of course, and the Candy Cane Forest. Game play is simple, and provided you only have to play once, you won't go nuts as a parent. Unfortunately, your kids won't want to play just once.

2: Sorry! (1929) - Sorry is a fun game with a bit of strategy thrown in with how to play certain cards (for example, always use a 4 to move backwards so as to almost be home, and always split a 7 to bring someone home.). Unlike others on this list, Sorry! can actually be enjoyed by families, not simply "enjoyed by families" (meaning enjoyed by kids and hated by grown-ups).

1: Life (1860) - This game is nothing like life. It is way too upbeat. That said, it's number 1 for one reason--it's 150+ years old! Granted, the first version was more like checkers, but this is the game that revolutionized board games in the United States. It was also the first game created by Mr. Milton Bradley of Milton Bradley.

Board games? More like bored games! [chuckles to himself...]  But seriously, you must look back on at least one of these games with some sense of fond nostalgia.  Or maybe not--share below if there's a game we're missing, and as always, check us out on Facebook or share this with your friends!


  1. Loved the Pop-O-Matic dice. Think my family had them on a game called "Headache" as well. Some other board games I have fond memories of having fond memories of (I can't actually remember much about the game play itself) are "Payday" and "The Mad Magazine Game" (where the object was to lose all your money).

    Could never get into "Monopoly." Took too damn long to play.

  2. Great concept--oh that Alfred E. Newman...

  3. Ah yes, the Brewster's Millions of board games!