Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top 5 Most Annoying Game Show Things

Game shows can be fun, but they can also be pretty damn annoying at times.  Here we celebrate the 5 worst things about game shows.

Because the Whammy mowing away the money makes a lot of sense.
5: Whammies - They used to be so cool! (Granted, I was in single digits when I thought so, but still...) Now they are just bad CGI farces of this iconic figure. Thanks a lot, computers.

"When I kiss you, your mustache will tickle."
4: Dumb Fathers on Family Feud - There comes a point on the show where the family members all get to weigh-in as to what their guess is and one family member gets to make the pick for the steal. "We asked 100 people to name something that you grill in the summer." Hot dog and hamburger are already up there, but there are three answers remaining. They go down the line with suggestions: chicken, steak, corn on the cob, kebobs. The 8 year old, who is inexplicably involved in the game, says ice cream cones. The father agrees. XXX. Thanks for making dads look dumber than we already do, dude.

Then he answered, "C - Home Alone" and lost a million dollars.
3: Novelty Shows - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was pretty cool for a while, but it ushered in a succession of crappier and crappier shows like the one where you guess what peoples jobs are, and the one where you fall off a ledge if you don't do something (I have no idea what), and the one with Howie Mandel (before Americas Got Talent, or whatever nonsense he's selling now). Enough. Getting a celebrity host is not a sufficient mask for a bad show idea.

"Does Monte Hall have to punch a bitch?
Monte Hall doesn't want to have to punch a bitch."
2: Any Game Show on Daytime TV - Daytime game shows are just depressing. Seriously, watch them. People chose to spend their day in the audience for the chance to embarrass themselves on television to win as much as $500! It makes me sad. The only thing that makes daytime tv bearable is the DVR so you can avoid daytime tv.

No words.  Should have sent a poet.
1: Alex Trebek - Jeopardy is a great show, but could Trebek be any more annoying. He pronounces every foreign word with a smug accent, as though we'll believe he speaks Mandarin and Swahili. He has constant foot-in-mouth syndrome when interviewing contestants after the first commercial break. Finally, he vainly takes a long time to tell contestants the correct answer, often inserting an anecdote about why he knows the answer, causing contestants to be unable to finish the board! I want my 61 questions, Alex. I don't want 56 because you decided to berate a player for not knowing the former capital of Tanzania by pointing out that it's obviously whatever. Invariably, the questions left on the board which I'll never see are in the Nerd Blogging category, whereas the questions I had to sit through were 16th Century Russian Operatic Performers and Mythical Animals, By Gene Sequence, where "we give you the made-up DNA sequence, you give us the name of the pretend animal"--wtf!

What annoys you about game shows (and don't be shy--we know there's stuff out there that annoys you). Share with us in the comments, and check out our Facebook page (while you're there, press the Like button).


  1. I laughed out loud at your last sentence for #1! I wouldn't be surprised if that is a category.

  2. Thanks!  Love making you laugh. :)

  3. Christie CartolanoJune 20, 2012 at 4:41 PM

    Heh, I have the Press Your Luck app on my iphone. They use the original cartoons on it.  :D

    And btw thanks SO much for giving me the oh-so-horrible image of Trebek shirtless.  I will owe my nightmares to you.

  4. In what context is Alex Trebek not wearing a shirt?! I can't even imagine a magazine profile where that would be appropriate. Or is it just some shot from a 1982 issue of Playgirl that just happened to have a guy that LOOKS like Alex Trebek in it?

    Please answer in the form of a question.

  5. Still laughing at that category, three months later.