Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Top 5 Songs That Make Me Miss Home

We all know that music evokes emotion--that's why we love it, and have from time immemorial. Some songs create a general sense of bliss, or sadness, or remorse. Others generate more specifically targeted reactions. Here are the five songs which, for me, make me think of home when I'm away.

5: Rocket Man (Elton John) - "I miss the earth so much, I miss my wife.  It's lonely out in space on such a timeless flight..."  Every time I'm on a plane alone, this song comes to me.  Sailing a thousand feet above the earth and looking out a window into the black, the snores of your neighbor and the droning of the engines the only sound--this is such a lonely place.

4: The Only Living Boy in New York (Simon and Garfunkel) - "Hey, let your honesty shine, shine, shine down, doh-do-do-doh-do-do-doh-do-do-doh, like it shines on me... The only living boy in New York." This is such a sad and lonely song, until it gets to the line quoted above--it gives me hope that things will pick up, even if I'm alone. It's the idea of the light at the end of the tunnel. That light, for me, is home.

3: Hey There Delilah (Plain White Tees) - This one gets two quotes: (1) "Hey there Delilah don't you worry about the distance, I'm right here if you get lonely give this song another listen. Close your eyes; listen to my voice, it's my disguise. I'm by your side." (2) "A thousand miles seems pretty far, but they've got planes and trains and cars, I'd walk to you if I had no other way." Both strike me as saying what's important is who you love, and getting past not being together is difficult but possible. But man, it makes me miss home.

2: Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Theme from Cheers) (Gary Portnoy) - "Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot." I know the idea is that you are taking a break from your family by heading to the bar where everyone knows your name. But for me, it's working late and just wanting to head home and see the wife and kids.

1: Homeward Bound (Simon and Garfunkel) - "...and each town looks the same to me, the movies and the factories; and every stranger's face I see reminds me that I long to be homeward bound ... Home, where my love lies waiting silently for me." So obviously on point. It encompasses the idea of unwanted-but-necessary travel and just wanting to be heading home to the people you love.

Here's to being home.

What songs make you miss home the most?  I'd love to hear them--please share in the comments below.  And if you haven't already, check us out on Facebook and like us there too!


  1. Lovely songs!

  2. Thanks Heike!  They mean a lot to me!

  3. "So Far Away" by Dire Straits, from "Brothers in Arms." I think it evokes more of a long distance relationship, but it's definitely in the same vein.

    "I'm tired of being in love and all alone. When You're so far away from me."

  4. Just reminded me of "So Far Away" by Carole King...