Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 5 U.S. Jobs That Will Kill You

Okay kids, your folks told you that you can grow up to be anything.  But feel free to avoid these jobs.  Your mom will appreciate it, as these have the highest fatality rates for jobs in the U.S.

5: Farmer/Rancher (31-41 deaths per 100,000) - Shockingly, not one death was children-of-the-corn related.

4: Miner (39 deaths per 100,000) - It used to be much, much worse.  In fact, I have a relative who was killed in a coal mining accident a few generations back.  In 1907, 3,242 mining deaths occurred!  These figures don't include all the deaths from health problems caused by years of mining.

3: Logger (56-92 deaths per 100,000) - It's a hard job, and it's the only practical way to get you the wood you want--so if you like having tables, chairs, a house, etc., you should appreciate these folks.

2: Pilot (57-71 deaths per 100,000) - Yet flying is still safer than driving.

1: Fisherman (116-200 deaths per 100,000) - I can only assume they do something different than I do when I cast a line over the side of a rowboat and spend a few hours waiting for anything to open while intermittently napping.

Technically, "astronaut" is rightfully the most dangerous job--in history, approximately 500 men and women have been inducted as astronauts, 21 have died.  Sadly, that's a whopping 4,200 per 100,000!  Then again, we've had 44 Presidents, and 4 have been killed in office (almost 10,000 per 100,000)!  But since being an astronaut or President is so rare, they weren't included.

Luckily, "blogger" ranks very low on the list!  Share your thoughts in the comments below, and check us out on Facebook if you have a moment!


  1. Seafood is just not worth the risk.  Save a life.  Have a burger instead.  

  2. What about Ice Road Truckers, Detroit Cab Drivers, or Escorts catering to Mike Tyson?