Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top 5: Weirdest Vehicles in Grand Central After Dark

If you find yourself in Grand Central Station, New York City after hours, you'll notice a lot of small vehicles driving around--very weird.  Anyhow, there are at least 9--here are my 5 favorite:

5: Here's an orange trash truck.  Sorry for the craptastic quality of the pictures--I took them on my phone while trying not to be too obvious.  I'm clearly not a spy.

4: Ah, the all-important police cruiser.  This is the nicest vehicle on the grounds.  It's a souped up and modified golf cart, and compared to some of these other things, it's pretty bad-ass.

3: I couldn't figure out the point of this yellow trike--the only info I had to work with is what you see here--it's yellow, has three wheels, and is carting a drunk sleeping person around.

2: Here's a sweeper truck--it's like a zamboni, but for floors.

1: And here's my favorite--a little truck that drives around until a high light bulb needs changing, at which point it stops and the top expands.  Pretty neat actually.

And remember, there are at least 4 additional distinct vehicles driving around GCT at night.  How weird is this place!  Anyhow, as always, let us know your thoughts below, and check us out on Facebook (and toss us a "like" if you like us)!


  1. You HOPE that was a sleeping drunk person, but this could very well be how they remove dead bodies in the city.

  2. number 1 is a scissor lift...i need one in my house to change the lightbulbs!

  3. If you get one, I need to borrow it!  Nice to know what it's called--thanks!

  4. They are just primed for a thrilling chase scene over there.

  5. "If this scissor lift goes less than 1 mph... boom!"