Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top 5 Words That Make You Giggle (No Matter How Mature You Think You Are)

Kooz and Sooz were chatting and determine there are some words that you hear, even as an adult, and you can't help but laugh or crack a smile.  We think we've captured the 5 most unintentionally funny, as follows:

Houston, we're preparing to dock.  ...give it a minute.
5:  Shuttlecock - There's a reason most people call it a birdie.

Inappropriately named.  It's not a mouse, and it sure as hell ain't a...
4: Titmouse - Come on!  That can't be the name of a real animal!

Bill was embarrassed to have the smallest coccyx in the locker room.
3: Coccyx - This is your tailbone, and despite the reputation of the funny bone or the humerus, the coccyx is the funniest bone in the body.

So many jokes I want to make here, but I'm not gonna.
2: Pianist - A guy is with his friends.  During a lull in the conversation he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a tiny bench and sets it on the table.  Then he reaches in, pulls out a little piano and sets it in front of the bench.  He reaches in a final time, pulls out a little man and sets him on the bench.  The little man starts slamming the keys and belts out Great Balls of Fire.  The man's friends are amazed and ask him where this all came from.  The man looks annoyed: "I met a genie who granted me one wish."  "Why do you look so annoyed about it?" ask the friends.  The man responds, "Do you really think I asked for a twelve inch pianist?"

Nothing gets you girls like a "poop" hat!
1: Poop - Seriously.  It doesn't seem funny if you read it, but say it out loud.  Go on, nobody's listening.  Say it: poop.  Funny, right?

Now that I have an image of all of you quietly saying the word "poop" at your desks at work, I feel whole.  What words crack you up but shouldn't?  Let us know in the comments below, and if you enjoyed the post, share it with friends and like us on Facebook!


  1. I gotta say # 5 actually made me LOL a little. 

  2. Lake titticoka gets me everytime. Mind the spelling!

  3. Christie CartolanoJune 13, 2012 at 4:35 PM


  4. This one is a GREAT one and a huge miss on our part!  It's Titicaca, if anyone cares.

  5. Poop is a common word around the house (step daughter enjoys the word IMMENSELY , and a titmouse is indeed a bird. We have a few of them in the yard, they are like mini bug eyed blue jays.

  6. The real question is, would more than one titmouse be referred to as titmice?

  7. When there are multiples, I refer to them as boobmice.... But I think that's probably just me....