Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 5 Worst Dressed Cartoon Animals

Why do cartoon animals wear clothes?  And for the ones wearing clothes, why don't they wear pants?  And what's with all the collars and pork pie hats?  Were all these toons modeled after Lester Young and his cadre?  Anyway, here's our take of the top 5 worst dressed cartoon animals.

5: Donald Duck - Blue sailor vest with yellow trim, blue sailor hat, red bow tie, no pants. Donald, we all love you and your daft, daffy ways (oops, that's the other guy), but for godsake, put on some pants!

4: Yogi Bear - Green tie, white collar, green pork pie hat, no pants or shirt. "Hey Booboo, check out my junk!" Yogi isn't dressed smarter than the average bear. He inexplicably wears a collar, but no shirt, and he wears a tie, as though that classes him up a bit.

3: Porky Pig - Unbuttoned blue vest, red bow tie, no shirt or pants. You stuttering sonofabitch, though you refuse to put on trousers, at least you keep that tail from creeping between your legs.

2: Wally Gator - Collar and french cuff sleeves, pink pork pie hat, nothing else. Nobody knows who you are. Maybe that's because we already have a collar-wearing, pork-pie-hat-donning toon (see above). And nobody likes a copy cat.

1: Tony the Tiger - Red bandanna. The only thing worse than wearing only a bandanna, is wearing only a bandanna with your name on it! And I never noticed this before, but is your nose blue, Tony? You are either close to death, or you're wearing heavy makeup.

That's far from all folks! But that's all the room we have here. Let us know the toons we forgot by adding them to the comments below. And don't forget to show us some love on Facebook, and share us with your friends.


  1. They may all be moonlighting at Chippendales (not to be confused with Chip n Dale). And I haven't seen it, but they might also costar in Magic Mike.

  2. The day you posted this, I was in Walmart in Norwalk and in the crane game in the front, I spotted a Porky Pig in his Monk's suit from the Daffy Duck Robin Hood cartoon (a personal favorite!).  I worked for WB Store years ago and we never had anything with that character except animation cels so this is rare!  Anywhoo..besides fighting the urge to empty my cash into the machine to win the thing, I stood there thinking, "wow, he never war pants!"  LOL

  3. Chippendales is exactly the thought that I had as well.

    Also, I think Winnie the Pooh edges out Wally Gator, though Snagglepuss makes a strong case as well.

  4. That picture of Winnie the Pooh could be straight out of a furries porn movie.