Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top 5: All-Time Winningest Sports Franchises (American)

There are a lot of ways to calculate a list like this--overall titles, percentage of titles vs. time in existence, etc.  And other things could be factored in such as league stoppages, or teams moving or having dormant periods.       I'm not going to bore you with my methodology.  Suffice to say, if you disagree with something on the list, note it in the comments below.

5: Pittsburgh Steelers - Founded in 1933, they've won the Super Bowl 6 times and made the playoffs 25 times. To give some perspective, the Super Bowl has only existed since 1967. To add some additional perspective--only two teams have won 5, two teams have won 4, and several teams have won one. Most teams have zero.

4: Los Angeles Lakers - 16 BAA/NBA Championships (some as the Minneapolis Lakers) and 1 NBL championship. More impressive--32 Conference titles! Well ahead of the Chicago Bulls's 6 Championships, and a half-step behind:

3: Boston Celtics - The NBA Finals have been played since 1947. The Boston Celtics won the NBA Finals 17 times and won their Conference 21 times. They just edge out the Lakers because, although you can argue the Lakers are more successful having won their conference more times, they have a worse record and winning percentage for titles.

2: Montreal Canadiens - In the Stanley Cup Finals Era, starting 1915, the Canadiens have won Lord Stanley's Cup 24 times, lost it 9 times, and once, in 1919, had the finals contest cancelled due to an outbreak of Spanish Flu. That's 34 appearances in the finals, winning more than two-thirds!

1: New York Yankees - Founded in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles, the team moved to New York after a couple of seasons, became the Highlanders, and eventually the Yankees in 1913. In 1921 they won their league (the AL Pennant) and in 1923 won their first World Series. Since, they've run up 27 World Series titles and 40 AL Pennants! The next highest total of World Series titles in Major League Baseball is held by the St. Louis Cardinals--they've won a mere 11.  (While you're here, check out the best Yankees and my favorite Yankees.)

I considered other leagues (MLS, WNBA, etc.) but none had teams with a serious enough track record. I also thought about Manchester United, which I heard was the winningest soccer franchise, but then I learned that Real Madrid has way more wins than Man U, and I couldn't find really good records for either, so I limited the list to American sports. Anyway, add teams I missed in the comments, and check us out on Facebook, where you can "like" us for a chance to win nothing!


  1. Of course you had the finale with the Yankees.  Bastard...

  2. If only other teams would start winning!

  3. Despise two of the five teams on this list. Not that I'm bitter or anything...