Monday, July 30, 2012

Top 5 Best Leprechauns

Leprechauns apparently give a pot of gold to whomever is able to catch them.  That explains why they are so  damn elusive (unlike elves, about which we know tons)!  Still, we've learned of enough leprechauns over the years to put together a decent top 5 list, so here it is.

"I ain't got no dukes, old man, only hooves."
5: University of Notre Dame - The mascot of the fighting Irish, this little guy is standing there going "put up your dukes."  Someone needs to remind him that leprechauns are magic.

Least scary of all the scary movie monsters.
4: Leprechaun (from the movie) - This little guy is from the crappy movie.  He's probably the creepiest leprechaun you'll ever see, but the creep-factor is tempered by his ridiculous little outfit.  Yeah, if you see this guy, just beat him up for his gold.

3: Boston Celtics - The outfit really sells me on this guy.  Unlinke the movie leprechaun, this bow tie/vest/hat combo really suits this little boozer.  Points for style, and for being hammered.

Hey kid, want some lucky charms?  Come into my van.  I have puppies too.
2: Lucky Charms - This bastard spent my youth trying to keep folks from getting the delicious freeze-dried marshmallows in his cereal.  He has since mellowed out, and seems to share freely, but that could just mean he's creepier than the movie leprechaun above (but in a totally different, don't-let-him-near-your-kids sorta way).  Personally, I'd be pissed if I caught a leprechaun and got some crummy cereal instead of loot...

Amateur?  No.
1: Mobile, AL Leprechaun - This leprechaun caused quite a stir by hiding in a tree in Alabama.  He was only glimpsed briefly, but luckily the artist's sketch was very detailed, as you can see from the picture above.  Reports that the leprechaun is actually Jason Mraz are being investigated.  (Click here to see the amazing video!)

Can you think of any leprechauns who we left out?  Share in the comments below, along with your thoughts/reactions to the list.  And as always, don't forget to check us out on Facebook where you can like our page to get funny stuff directly in your news feed!


  1. Never fails that I learn something new every time I read this blog. I never realized that the Boston Celtics guy was so perfectly coordinated.

  2. Love #1, but I also enjoy the surly leprechauns here:

  3. Guess pasting isn't working. It's from the Robot Chicken drunk leprechaun bit.

  4. Yeah, that drunk little bastard is obviously sober when he gets dressed. That or he owns one outfit...

  5. Well, the only Leper Colony I've ever even heard of was on Molakai in Hawaii, so I'd have to call that my number one... What's that? Oh. Okay, I see now. Never mind. We'll just go with your list.