Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top 5 Bird Logos in Sports

There are a lot of sports teams named after birds.  Some are bad-ass birds, like falcons or eagles.  Others are, well, mighty ducks...  Here's our take on the 5 best bird logos of all time from the 4 big sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL):

5: Toronto Blue Jays - Always liked the retro feel of this Blue Jays logo.  And of course, Blue Jays are known for winning, so it's a great choice.  Or are they known for being Canadian?  Not sure...

4: Seattle Seahawks - Very clean, crisp logo.  Comes in two colors--blue and green.  Is it just me, or does the bird look more weary than angry?

3: St. Louis Hawks - Well this one was short-lived, but dig the hawk, he's just about to juke you!  Seriously, this is a good logo for a Division 2 college team, but this was pro!  (Decades ago, but still...)

2: Pittsburgh Penguins - The gentle, docile penguin is a monster on the ice.  Look at his eyebrow--he's angry!  And check out the cut of his jib--he's buff!  

1: Baltimore Orioles - There's always been something pretty damn awesome about this cartoon bird and his over-sized bat.  He's going to strike out, because he's on the Orioles, but it's still pretty neat.  Although, he's wearing shoes, but not pants--what the f***!!!

Neither of the cardinals made it (St. Louis, MLB; Arizona, NFL), but there was too much competition and it's a strong list.  What bird logos am I missing?  Yeah, a bunch of college ones, but what else?  Hit me with your comments below, and check us out on Facebook where we try to make you laugh...


  1. atlanta falcons

  2. As for #1, you don't need pants for traction on the base paths. Sliding into home, on the other hand, can get awfully messy.