Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top 5 British Slang Terms for Genitals

Brits use a lot of slang words and phrases that are completely unused in the U.S. Some of the best colloquialisms refer to genitalia. Here are our favorites (safe for work):

5: Dobber - I like this one because it reminds me of Dobby, the hideous little elf in Harry Potter. A dobber is the male member. JK Rowling is British, so presumably, she knew the meaning of dobber and still chose that name for her elf. Awesome.

4: Bell End - Named for the part of the male anatomy that looks like a bell on the end of a stick.

3: Fanny - We use it in the U.S. to mean "butt" or "ass" (that's "bum" or "arse" for you UK fans). But British women don't sit on their fanny, they birth babies from it.

2: John Thomas - The US equivalent might be Johnson, but isn't John Thomas so much better? If someone's fly is open, you could mention that it looks like John Thomas is in business to discreetly notify the person.

1: Gentleman Sausage - This one is obvious. It's also hilarious. It's half serious and proper, half ridiculous, and fully perfect.

There are so many more--what are your favorites? Let us know below, and check us out on Facebook for the usual ridiculous antics.


  1. Gentlemen sausage for the win!

  2. This is quite simply, an awesome list.

  3. Easily my favorite, and the term I shall use form now on.

  4. I have never ever heard of Dobber or John Thomas. And "gentleman sausage" was made famous from Top Gear and is very rarely actually used.

  5. Regardless, you can't tell me that gentleman sausage isn't fantastic! As for the others, I can't speak to their frequency, as I don't live there...

  6. I've watched a lot of the "Ricky Gervais Show," so it's like I've practically been to the U.K. Also, I've ACTUALLY been to the U.K. All that aside, I've heard Stephen Merchant on the show referring to someone's male anatomy as "his veg." Pronounced "vej," as in vegetable. Nice.

    I've wanted to create a drinking game for that show, where you take a shot every time they use a slang English phrase that's not common in the U.S., but it would probably kill a lot of people. Maybe if it was just limited to slang for the naughty bits.