Saturday, July 28, 2012

Top 5 Coolest NBA Logos

The NBA has had some pretty decent logos in its time.  As an homage to the US Olympic team, which is made up of NBA superstars, here's the top 5 NBA logos of all time (and not one is bird themed).

5: Chicago Bulls - The Bulls logo is classic because of the Jordan legacy, but it's also pretty cool in its own right.  It's a mean looking bull.  It's not cartoonish, but it's also not a lifelike rendition--thus, it's the epitome of what a logo should be.  Also, the bull's horns are tipped with red, which I am going to assume is the blood of its opponents, so there's that.

4: Toronto Huskies - Okay, so the Huskies were a BAA team (forerunner of the NBA), but the reason I love their logo is because it looks like it was drawn by a high schooler in the margin of a textbook.  The dog is the best, breathing out a puff of exhaust.  It's like he's saying--don't come to Toronto, it's cold up here (that or, come to Toronto--everyone's high!).

3: Toronto Raptors - Another Toronto team!  The Raptors logo is a Velociraptor in sneakers (with his claws sticking out) and a uniform, dribbling a basketball.  Seriously--would you guard a dinosaur?  I wouldn't.  I don't think LeBron would either.  And although the Raptors are not a direct descendant of the Huskies, they do wear throwback Huskies jerseys a few times per season, which is pretty cool.

2: Boston Celtics - The logo is a leprechaun with a bowler hat and matching vest and bow tie, smoking a pipe, leaning on a stick (calling it a cane would be generous), and balancing a ball on his finger at an impossible angle, thereby proving he is magical.  Plus, I'm pretty sure he's drunk--he can't keep one of his eyes open.

1: Baltimore Bullets - Their logo was ridiculous and would be completely impossible in today's world: a bullet striking a basketball!  'Nuff said.

Go USA!  Bring home the gold!  Or whatever--I don't follow the Olympics.

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  1. You forgot the best one:

  2. Yeah, the Hornets logo is good. But the hornet is blue, so, fail.

  3. Obviously, I'm biased, but the Knicks subway token (remember those?) logo is number one in my book. A classic.

  4. We have no idea what you're talking about. Just kidding. Maybe we will work out a top 5 cool things that aren't used any more!

  5. Ah, good one. I never made that connection before!