Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 5 Reasons I Don't Get the Olympics

What am I missing?  Every four years (except really, it's every two years, and really less than that when you consider prep time, etc.) people go batty for the Olympic games.  My understanding is these are the best athletes in the world competing at a variety of sports, proudly representing their nations.  But I don't get it--I just don't see what the big deal is.  Here's why.

5: Baseball.  In 2005, baseball and softball were voted out of the Olympics.  The last sport voted out before that was Polo in the 1930's.  Meanwhile, the Olympics include beach volleyball and a sport where you cross-country ski for a bit then shoot a rifle.  Yeah.  Get rid of baseball. 

4: The events are lobsided against nations.  There are half a dozen nations that will be in the medal running, which isn't fun to follow.  I'm not saying we need parity in the Olympics, but it certainly makes me care a lot less.

3: The events are lobsided against individuals.  The basketball team plays a bunch of games and needs to win all in order to play in the gold medal game.  After winning that, each person on the team gets a gold medal.  Meanwhile, a swimmer, runner, or gymnast could compete in a dozen events for 3 minutes or less at a clip, and have a pocketful of gold medals at the end of each day.  Who's the better Olympian?  

2: The events are stupid.  Not all of them--some are fine.  I think water polo is pretty interesting as a one-off thing, and things like womens' gymnastics or basketball are pretty solid.  But then there's ping pong.  And "modern pentathalon" consisting of horse riding, archery, running, swimming, and shooting a laser tag rifle (no, really).  And "equestrian dressage'--prancing around on horses.  As a sport.  Enough.  At least some stupid ones have been discontinued.

1: I don't care who wins.  I suppose I have pride in my nation, but I honestly don't care whether we have the best swimmer on our side.  I don't see why it matters.  I don't understand why people who aren't normally fans of swimming care either.

Okay, let me have it.  Tell me about how I suck for being a hater.  Or take a minute and explain why you like the Olympics and support your argument.  I'd love for someone to set me straight in the comments.  This might be a good starting place.  And as usual, check us out and like us on Facebook


  1. You failed to mention curling... that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

  2. I would be a bigger fan of curling of they did all of their broom training in my house,

  3. I'm a fan of curling, because it lets me keep alive the notion that one day I can win a gold medal in the Olympics.