Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top 5: Review of Ferrante Restaurant

For the birth of our second son, my wife and I received a gift certificate to a local Italian restaurant, Ferrante, in Stamford, CT.  Last night, we finally used it, giving rise to today's top 5: a review of the restaurant.   (This is our first real review, something we will do on occasion.   It will not be a typical food review though. You'll see.)

5: Awesome pizza.   Since we had the gift card, I wanted to get a variety of foods to determine whether we would ever come back.  I love pizza, so the first order was an easy choice.  I almost ordered a hot oil pizza (which seems to be a Stamford staple, but which I haven't seen elsewhere), but was talked into ordering a four cheese pie (note, it was technically "quattro formaggio," but I'm using the English names here).  Great call!  This style pizza typically uses four similar cheeses, so there's no discernible flavor difference.  Ferrante's pie, however, added Swiss and Gorgonzola.  Amazing.  Best thing we ordered all night!

4: Other food.  The mushroom risotto, though good, not great, was something I'd probably get again.  We ordered it as an app to share, and they brought us each our own full bowl.  This was good since our actual entrees were tiny.  I ordered ravioli in a pesto, she got pasta bolognese.  Mine turned out to be five of the thinnest ravioli I've ever seen, which were the same texture as the tasteless, one-note sauce.  Hers was better, it had decent flavor and was cooked well, but wasn't spectacular.

I understand bugs getting in there, but what was this?  And come on, clean it out!
3: Decor. The place looked nice, but neither of us cared to learn what kind of bird must have flown into and died in the light fixture next to us.  (See photo above.)

2: Waiting.  There were two covers in the restaurant, and a party in a private room.  The party was over 30 minutes after we arrived, and the other table was eating already when we walked in.   We didn't get bread on our table until 20 minutes in, waited a total of 40 minutes from ordering to get apps, and didn't get entrees until about an hour and 15 minutes after arriving.  Remember, there was one other table, and they were done ordering by the time we sat.  There were times when we were just sitting, watching our waiter and the maitre d' wander around doing, essentially, nothing.  So frustrating.

1: Sex, sex.   Toward the end of the meal, during another long wait and a pause in the conversation, my wife looked up at me quizzically.   I started to ask what was up, but she shushed me and said, "listen."  The music was generic smooth jazz, then I heard it: a woman's voice randomly and lustily whispering "sex, sex" over the music.  We both burst out laughing.  Easily the funniest moment of the night.  (Listen to the clip above and see if you can hear it.)  Bizarre...

So... It's hard to say whether I'd go back. Probably not, since Stamford benefits from being so close to Manhattan by having some pretty great restaurants. The food here just wasn't consistent enough, and the service was way too slow.

 Anyone out there ever been to Ferrante? Anyone had similar experiences? Anyone know where I can get a copy of the sex song? Share your comments below, and don't forget to check us out and like us on Facebook!


  1. I SO wanted to hear that song so that I could buy you the CD for Christmas. But alas, I could not. I am sad now.

  2. There's still time.