Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top 5: My Problems With This Lady

This lady. 
Unacceptable behavior for the train, including the following.

5: When the ride is over, get off the train.  This one didn't affect me, but it was just weird.  She just sat there looking around, even though everyone else was off the train.  She wasn't on the phone or finishing a book or anything.  Weird.

4: When you get on the train, and there is a line of people waiting to get on behind you in the morning rush, either go left to the many open seats, or right to the many open seats.  Don't stand in the vestibule confused as to which of the two options you should take.

3: If you don't make a decision as to which aisle to walk down, at least move to one side while you choose and let people slip past you.

2: When you do choose a direction, walk down the aisle and sit in an open seat.  This seat is just as good as the open one behind it.  They are exactly the same.  That's how trained are designed.  It isn't a hard choice. Just sit!

1: The train is not an acceptable place for you to clip your nails. The clicking is louder than you think and annoying.  Also, gross.

I'm pretty sure she saw me writing this, but it's okay--truth is a defense for libel.  Back to your usual programming tomorrow.  Don't forget to leave a comment below and like us on Facebook.


  1. You know what really used to irk me. The people that would be in the front of the line when the train stops and start to bull rush the door. HEY THERE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO GET OFF THAT TRAIN, just step aside and let them off. Then bull rush ...

  2. I completely agree--so annoying! What the hell is wrong with people?

  3. ok...people doing anything with their nails in public is gross. yuck.

  4. Yeah, gross. Behind closed doors only, please. At least it wasn't her toenails.

  5. A restaurant owner actually clipped her nails behind the counter while we were eating at a table about ten feet away! That was the last time we ate at that place, as you can probably imagine. Closed soon thereafter (though it's still a catering company). WTF? Who the hell raised these people?

  6. And might I add... Imagine what they do BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!!

  7. Really, it's just crazy. I don't get people at all.