Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top 5 Best Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Characters

I love Star Trek, but didn't watch this show since it first aired, and I wasn't a fan back then.  Upon giving it a second chance and watching every episode via Netflix (all 176 of them), I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually pretty good (as opposed to Star Trek: Voyager, which stunk)!  The first season dragged and the last season seemed to wrap things up rushed in an odd finish, but there were some decent actors on the show who made it fun to watch.  Here are my top 5 characters from DS9:

5: Jadzia Dax - Jadzia Dax is a joined Trill--Jadzia is the woman, Dax is the symbiont slug residing in her abdomen.  Dax has lived a long time and has "joined" with many other hosts previous to Jadzia.  This results in Jadzia Dax retaining the memories (and occasionally, abilities) of the previous hosts.  The character became one of the more fun, carefree characters.  She was given important work and was on the inside, but many scenes involved her gambling and showed her unique ability to get along seamlessly with virtually any race of alien species.  Plus she was hot.

4: Odo - Yeah, he's the guy from Benson, but the character grows and changes so much over the course of the series.  I liked him early on when he was the one dependable person.  I liked him later when he became all too human, even after becoming a shapeshifter again.  He was a well-developed, well-rounded character.

3: Miles O'Brien - Brought on from the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation as a way of providing some degree of continuity, I didn't care for O'Brien early on, but as the show carried on and O'Brien's character developed, I came to like him more and more.  He stars in a few cool episodes, not the least of which were Hard Time, in which he if given the horrible memory of spending 20 years in prison, and Hippocratic Oath, in which he goes against a direct order and destroys Doctor Bashir's opportunity to cure the enemies of a genetic chemical dependency in order to allow himself and the Doctor to escape their imprisonment, which was a pretty bold move.

2: Elim Garak - All Cardassians looked alike to me until Garak.  They are an alien race with heavy makeup and prosthetics, so there was nothing to really distinguish them from one another, but Dukat changed all that.  The former spy and current tailor had a personality that was at once clever, coy, and intriguing, and throughout much of the series you couldn't be sure whether he was a good guy or a bad guy.  By the end, he was one of the good guys, which was fitting and felt right.

1: Quark - I hated Quark in season 1.  Hated him.  He was so one-dimensional and seemed to be there for comic relief.  Gladly his character developed and grew over the course of the show, and actor Armin Shimerman took charge and made the Quark character his own.  In Far Beyond the Stars (easily my favorite episode of the series), although not appearing as Quark, Shimerman is fantastic and shows how he is able to breathe so much life into Quark.

Didn't give the nod to Jeffrey Combs, who played Shran on Enterprise and may be my favorite non-main-cast character in the Star Trek universe.  He played Weyoun in DS9, but the character never really gave him the range that the Shran character did.  Too bad.  If you like the Kooz Top 5, why not prove it by liking us on Facebook!  And as always, we love it when you share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I have no idea who any of these people are. Is #3 a cabbage patch kid?

  2. Yes. And no. 1 is a modified Care Bear.

  3. Most of these characters creeped me out. To think Jadzia was once a Klingon just blew it for me. Odo was plain out weird. Farengues get off by having thier ears rubbed. Strange strange strange ....

  4. Good list, my favorite characters from DS9 are 1. Jadzia Dax 2. Worf 3.(that's difficult, many characters are tied for the 3rd place, hmm maybe) Quark

  5. great list! my top 5 are Jadzia, Worf, Garak, Damar, Quark.

  6. Yeah, I didn't like the show at all first time around. Only rewatching it--and rewatching it after having rewatched all of Voyager and Enterpise--did I come to appreciate it. Those two shows sucked pretty hard, so DS9 and its cast was a nice surprise. I came to appreciate how a good actor could take a lame character (Quark) and turn him into someone I wanted to watch. But, agreed, the ear things was weird.

  7. Worf is an interesting choice. He really got to expand his character from the TNG days.