Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 5 Songs About Work

It's Wednesday.  Middle of the depressing work week.  Hump day.  After today, we are over the "hump" of the week--with three days behind us and only two to go until the weekend.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  My stats show most of you read this blog while you're miserable at work, so what better way to celebrate the week being half over (or feel depressed we're only half-way in) than to think about something that we enjoy--music!  And then ruin that with work.  Here's the top 5 songs about working.

5: Chain Gang (Sam Cooke) - Prison camp laborers--chain gangs--were ubiquitous primarily in the South to replace slave labor after the American Civil War.  Some people thought it was fine to use prisoners to perform manual labor.  Many others saw it as tragic, as blacks were improperly imprisoned and forced to work--essentially becoming slaves to the state.  The practice was outlawed in all stated by the middle of the Twentieth Century, and most people only know of chain gangs as honest, but difficult, work, thanks to Same Cooke.

4: Hard Days' Night (The Beatles) - A song about workin' hard then coming home to your loved one and feelin' alright.  It's the Beatles, so it had to make the list.

3: 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton) - I've never cared for Dolly Parton, and I was not a huge fan of Dollywood (though my family absolutely loves it for some reason).  I don't even like this song.  I can't listen to the whole thing without getting bored.  But, I've been informed I may be alone in my opinions, so the heavy-chested Southern star gets the nod at number 3.

2: Working for the Weekend (Loverboy) - Aren't we all just working for the weekend?  Which means our lives are way out of whack--5 days on, 2 off.  Well Loverboy, you've identified the problem--now how about giving us some solutions!

1: Manic Monday (The Bangles) - Okay, it's about Monday's, not Wednesdays, but it really captures the feeling of misery associated with waking up and realizing the weekend is over.

Sorry Donna Summer, you may work had for your money, but not hard enough to crack the top 5.  Anyway, that was depressing.  Click here for a nice pick-me-up by Canibus from the movie Office Space.  Okay, two more days--you can do it.  In the mean time, why not leave a comment below and tell us how awesome we are, or check us out and like our Facebook page.  Oh yeah, don't forget this:


  1. Daylight come shine me wanna go home ....

  2. Come mister tally man, tally me banana...

  3. Bang on the Drum All Day.

  4. How about Devo's cover of "Working in a Coal Mine?" Clearly an improvement over the Chain Gang, but maybe not by much.

    You'll need to follow this Top 5 up with songs about the weekend.